Back To School Fashions for You and Your Littles

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Back to school fashions for moms and kids

Moms can get in on the back to school shopping fun too, right? Today I am talking about what items I think you need to sneak into the cart for you!  Don't worry I do it all the time:) Not to mention that back to school is a great time to update your own fall wardrobe.  So today I am taking my back to school list for my kiddos and interpreting it into a few things for mom as well!

Back to School Fashion For You vs. Them

Back to School list for you and your littles

BACKPACKS (For Them and You)

Backpack for kids - back to school fashion

 For Them

Backpacks for adults - Back to school fashion

For You

We can't let the kids have all the backpack fun, can we?  I, for one, love that backpacks are acceptable for adults!  I also think that backpacks are a great alternative to a diaper bag and allow for true hands freeness.  I totally just made that word up..but you know what I mean.  Having both hands free is imperative when you have littles in tow.

SHOES - for Back to School (Them vs. You)

Back to school tennis shoes for your kids

For Them

Back to school fashion for mom - Fabulous fall boots!

For You

Around here it is a back to school tradition that the kiddos get new shoes for school.  My husband loves this tradition by the way.  Just ask him:) So I have also made it a point to grab myself a pair of new boots each year too.  Because for me fall equals boots and new ones at that.  Try grabbing a pair that is a little out of your comfort zone.  Maybe try some ankle boots or go for a not as traditional color like gray or camel.

SOCKS & TIGHTS - Back to School Fashion for the Whole Family

Back to school socks for your kids

For Them

Back to school fashions for mom - fall trendy tights

For You

I don't know about you but fall seems like the perfect time to update the old necessitates.  From underwear to socks they always seem to need to be replaced.  Instead of boring old socks for you, why not pick up a pair of patterned tights?  Tights with a funky pattern is an easy and relatively cheap way to add a wow factor to any outfit!

JEANS - Mom Fashion and Kids Fashion

Back to school jeans fashions for kids

For Them

Back to school denim fashions for mom

For You

Every year the kids seem to out grown or destroy their pants.  How can one kid get so many holes in one pair of jeans?  So new denim is always on the docket for back to school.  I also tend to sneak a few new pairs of pants for me in there as well.  This season I am loving fall colored skinny jeans.  From burgundy's to forest green try to grab at least one pair in a fall tone.

JACKETS & SWEATSHIRTS - Back to School Family Fashions

Back to school jacket fashions for kids

For Them

Back to school sweater fashions for mom

 For You

I don't know about where you live but there is definitely a hint of chill in the air here. So jackets are a must for all those early morning bus stops! My version of a jacket has always been a sweatshirt.  Now they are all sorts of fancied out.  From lace to cool prints to leather, fancy sweatshirts and a pair of jeans is a cute and comfy way to look put together in the school carpool line.


Back to school supplies for kids

For Them

Back to school fall suplies for mom

For You

Things like scissors, glue sticks, and rulers are just a given when shopping for back to school supplies for your kids.  You know, all that boring stuff.  But you know what's not boring?  MAKEUP!!  And a new season means new makeup trends.  From dark lips, to a touch of metallics, to brown smokey eyes go ahead a throw a couple of things in your cart that will get your makeup bag ready for fall!

Back to school fashions for mom - Are you ready for the pick up line?

Inquiring minds want to know: Do you shop for yourself when shopping for back to school items for your kids?

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