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Most housewives and working moms have little time to gussy themselves up everyday like we see on the entertainment news and magazines. It takes time and/or money to keep all of us looking good. There are plenty of ways to be comfortable and stylish in a simple way and at low-cost. However, some days, you just want to spoil yourself and take a trip to the spa. On the days when you can't seem to find the time to overly pamper yourself and spend tons of money, these are just some of the beauty tips I use to keep me looking normal.

Low-Cost Beauty Products and Tips


Being a former Cosmetologist, I could color my hair at any time. I would regularly get my eyebrows waxed, but when it came to shaving my legs, no one could make me do that. Shaving can take a lot of time and buying expensive raisers can get very costly. Now there are products on the market that help the busy women find the time without breaking the bank.

In my cabinet, there is something that I cannot live without, and that's Nair. I have facial Nair and body Nair that takes care of all of my hairy situations. You have to be a person of a steady hand to sculpt your eyebrows with the Nair, because if you're not careful, you will remove the "wanted" part of your eyebrows. My suggestion is that you practice. Start small until you get the hang of the application part. Sometimes you may have to apply it twice.  The body Nair can be used under the arm pits and the legs. It takes about 10 min. These are life savers!


I've never had the problems with acne, but I have a few siblings that do have it. One of my sisters gets it very bad.  She has spent countless dollars on remedies. Come to find out just a short while ago, she tried Proactive which seemed too strong for her face, and by the commercial she seemed to be a perfect candidate, she decided she had to try something else. I could say, around that time in her life she had a stressful job which probably contributed to her breakouts too. She decided when she got low on money to just get a Neutragena facial bar. Her face was clearer than I had seen her since puberty. A simple and low-cost facial bar did the trick. In most stores, a Neutrogena facial bar is less than $2.00.


When considering makeup application, its nice to consider some rules. There are many women that just go overboard in the makeup area, and maybe someone is afraid to tell you that you look like a clown. If you're going to do a smokey eye, have a light to pale lip.  It makes you look fresher and the other way around, for dark lips and light eyes.


An exfoliation that you have laying around your house when you're all out is, sugar. Sugar has a nice grit to remove those dead skin cells.


And last but not least, don't forget your nails. If you like to wear red nail polish, it's good to use a clear base coat first to prevent yellowing stains on your nails.

What are your favorite low-cost beauty tips and tricks?

Mango Chutney is a blogger at Postparumom. You can find her on Twitter as well.

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