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A while back, I saw the most beautiful trash can that Melody Ross from Brave Girls created. It was whimsical, artistic, and functional. I tucked the idea away in the back of my brain knowing I wanted to make one some day using Mod Podge. Not only did it look like something I could do without much direction, but it would also remind me of an amazing woman.

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Mod Podge Projects

I do not sew. Even though I love to browse fabric stores, I am like a fish out of water. I knew I wanted several patterns of fabric for my project — colorful, energetic, and fun! I only needed small amounts of each design and knew I would irritate the employees if I carried five to eight bolts of fabric and wanted a quarter of a yard of each.

That's when I caught site of the cutest little older ladies looking at these cute folded up squares of fabric — fat auarters for quilting. They were perfect for my project! As I chose my patterns, I eavesdropped on the senior lady conversations hoping they would ask me a question so I could also chat with them. That's the beauty of the craft world and the fabric store. Soon I was chatting it up with 80 and 85 year-old quilters who told me all kinds of things about fabric, sewing, their projects, their families, etc. I loved every minute of it.

Once home, I cut my fabric into strips, triangle, and scallop pennants. Using my Mod Podge from Plaid, I smeared it all over my five gallon bucket. I applied each strip haphazardly (my specialty) to the can and applied more Mod Podge over the fabric. I had no plan of order and just kept going until I reached the bottom of the bucket.

I now have a new trash can for my craft room — my messy craft room!

projects using mod podge

I love it! It's not just a trash can, though. It's a reminder of my friend Melody and the lovely ladies at the fabric store.

mod podge project

How To Mod Podge


  • 5 gallon bucket — I used the typical painters type, but any size plastic trash can or bucket would work.
  • Assorted fabric or paper cut into desired shapes.
  • Mod Podge Gloss formula. Although I think the sparkle would be cool too!


  1. Apply Mod Podge to the area of your surface you are covering first. Work in small amounts at a time.
  2. Apply your fabric or paper, apply more Mod Podge over the fabric or paper.
  3. Continue applying the rest of the fabric working your way down until you run out of bucket to cover.

I love a functional creative task!

What is your favorite Mod Podge craft project?

Written by Kim from Today's Creative Blog.

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