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Create Meaningful Family Traditions

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The holidays are filled with family traditions. As you and your family gather together this week, think about the things you are doing as a family to create traditions. It can be as simple as the foods you eat, the activities you do, the books you read or the movies you watch. Each of these every day activities helps to bind your family together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you are starting a new tradition or carrying on one from your childhood, talk as a family about what is important to each of you. Make sure every family member is having a chance to contribute to the memory making process. In our "Becoming a Super Hero Family: Traditions" eBook, we share ways that you and your family can connect and create traditions.


Why do we need rituals and structure such as family traditions? Research has proven that families that are creating traditions and rituals are typically happier, loving, and more understanding.

Family Traditions

There are many ways to create traditions.

  • Celebration Traditions. These are the things we do to celebrate special occasions. (anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, etc.)
  • Family Traditions. These are the little things you do as a family to create memories year after year. (vacations, family night, family council, etc.)
  • Structured Family Time. These are the things you do on a daily basis to create structure and balance to your day. (bed time, dinner time, or weekends, etc)

Check out our Family Traditions eBook, and you will receive several printables that will help you create family traditions, start meaningful dinner conversations, and much more.

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