The Debrief – Using The Precious Moments When They’re Home From School

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When my kids get home from school, it's as if they haven't eaten in five days. They are starving. I've learned one little secret - if I have a snack ready and waiting, and I just linger around the table, most days they will chat away about their day.

The debrief... Using those precious moments when they get home from school.

It is this incredible little treasure of five to ten minutes where I get to see a peak into their day. Most days, I want to drop my purse on the ground and start dinner. There are ten million things I could or should be doing. I could move the laundry to the dryer. I could pay a few bills. I could check the mailbox. But, when I invest that time into just sitting still and listening, I get, in those ten minutes, what it would take me hours to compile later.

The debrief... Using those precious moments when they get home from school

After their snack, they jump into homework, activities, and their own downtime. I won't get that time back no matter how much I want it. I can ask all the wrong questions and interrupt their homework, but if I take advantage of those precious seconds, I have a front row seat into what they are excited about and what they are worried about. I hear about the too hard homework and the silly games at recess. I hear about how my oldest son needs more food in his lunch and how my oldest daughter is a little tired of turkey. I find out about the play that they are hoping to be a part of and which roles they are hoping to get. I hear a mention of socks that are too tight.

The debrief... Using those precious moments when they get home from school

All of these little hints add up to things I can add to my to do list to make their life a little happier and a little brighter.

Do you have any great debrief tips for us?

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