Disneyland Resort Hotel: Awesome Amenities, Less Stress

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Experiencing the magic of Disneyland doesn't have to end when you step through the exit gates! If you've reserved lodging at the Disneyland Resort Hotel, the magic follows you back to your conveniently located room every day after your time in the parks. Whether you're settling down for the night or just swinging in for a quick nap, the comfort and convenience of this hotel is unparalleled.

We all know traveling with a family can be stressful and keeping kids happy through all the variables of any family vacation can be even more difficult, so why not keep your lodging right where you are playing?

The Disneyland Resort Hotel Amenities

When Walt Disney opened Disneyland, the original Disney theme park, on July 17, 1955, he said he hoped it would be “a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.” We all know it's been called, "The Happiest Place on Earth," for as long as we can remember, so why even leave the park when your day is over when you can continue the fun at the Disneyland Resort Hotel?

Disneyland Resort Hotel

The recently renovated Disneyland Resort Hotel boasts re-imagined guest rooms, Disney-themed suites, and a water play area with Monorail-inspired water slides. Additionally you can find beloved character dining right on site at Goofy's Kitchen—a family-friendly buffet that cooks up a ton of fun.

Disneyland Resort Hotel

Lay your head down on a perfect bed adorned with perfect pillows, all in the shadows of a uniquely crafted Disney headboard complete with your own personal firework show built right into the carved Disneyland skyline relief. There may even be a secret button on an adjacent lamp that plays a little Disney lullaby to accompany the shimmering headboard lights.

Disneyland Resort Hotel

Love is in the Details

As with anything Disney creates, love is in the details and the Disneyland Resort Hotel is no different. Whether the magical Mickey Mouse inspired faucet and shower fixtures or the lighting suspended by Mickey's famous cartoon hand, you'll be giddy as you take in the magic every where your eyes land. The walls are adored with beautifully arranged black and white Disneyland and Walt Disney themed photography that makes you feel almost like you're looking through their old family albums.

One of my very favorite little touches? This darling little fold over card that sat neatly on the shelf in the bathroom. So darling in fact that it followed me home and sits conveniently on my office desk as a little reminder of what imagination can create.

Disneyland Resort Hotel

With 3 outdoor pools, 5 different dining areas, the options for a Character breakfast and dinner, newly remodeled rooms, and a guaranteed "Magic Morning," or 1-hour early entrance to the parks each day, what's not to love about the Disneyland Resort Hotel? With the excitement of not wanting to miss a single attraction, take the stress out of figuring out where to stay.

Whether a family tradition, or your first time visiting the parks, take advantage of the amazing vacation planning resources that Disneyland has to offer. We all know that Disneyland never disappoints! And the Disneyland Resort Hotel only increases the magical moments that lay in store for your family's next visit to the theme park!

What are your favorite lodging experiences on a family vacation?

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