DIY Quilts Turn Bedtime Into Sweet Dreams


What is more fun than creating perfect quilted wall art? When someone else does all the work for you!

Last week, I designed this adorable wall hanging around the latest offering from Slice by Making Memories—the Little One design card for appliqué!

I have had tons of fun with Slice already while scrapbooking, making cards, and littering my house with great vinyl sayings. (My favorite: “Wash your hands.  With soap.  Mom.”) But this time, I was using the SliceElite. And fabric! Even on the fabric, cuts are quicker and more precise. And I love how many designs they offer per card—way better than one design per die with traditional die cut machines, and even more than other digital die cutters’ design cards. But I digress.

I found that using the Slice with fabric was a little different than with paper. The big thing was to set it up right, making sure the fusible web was completely adhered to the fabric was huge, as was keeping my cutting speed on “low.” After that? Bliss! Even the intricate shapes like the stork in flight and the rocking horse came out like a dream. I loved that I could change the sizes of the designs to get the proportions just right, like putting the elephant in the train car.!

I am a sucker for the little details and added dimension that come from the layering function, like the mane and tail on the rocking horse and the sheep’s wool, and the elephant's ear and tusk standing out? Of course, extra embellishments like rhinestone eyes make it just that much better. Who doesn’t want a little bling, even when they are little?  We’ll call it cognitive development.

The whole process was honestly so fun and the Little One designs so inspiring that it was a snap to design and create.  Thank you, SliceElite, for taking the cutting hassle out of appliqué!

What DIY projects are you working on this fall?

Disclosure: Making Memories provided me with a SliceElite for the purposes of this review. The opinions expressed in this post, however, are solely mine.
Emily Pattee has a degree in English; is an avid reader, writer, and crafter; is mom to four children; and lives with her family in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Utah. She's an active volunteer at her children's school and at her church and someday hopes to go to law school. Her husband's goal for her? To write a best-selling novel!
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