KODAK Review: Gallery Photo Books With SmartFit


“Photos are cherished and can draw on so much emotion. Capturing a split second and being able to remember it by creating a photo book and sharing it with family and friends is priceless.” —Victor Cho Vice President of KODAK Gallery

My kids pour over our family albums year after year. In fact it's a popular Sunday afternoon activity. The biggest problem is that some of my older albums are beginning to fall apart! I wish I had created more sturdy photo books back when my kids were younger. Take a look at the new features of the Kodak Gallery Photo Books.
PRICE: Small Photo Book $20, Large Photo Book $70 (and up)
Free Shipping with code: SHIP50

WHAT IS IT? An online photo book maker, with options to easily upload your own photos to a ready made book, or create a fully custom look of your own.

AHA FACTOR: Oh my gosh! You can collaborate with other people to create a shared online project.

PROOF POSITIVE: I’m working on a 50th anniversary photo book as a present for my parents. And with 10 siblings, I’ve been feeling like the project is impossibly large. With the new SmartFit Photo Books you can ‘share’ a gallery project with others and THEY upload all of their own photos. YAY! Simplify my life? I love that! Plus others can view the project and give input and make changes.

Also in a matter of minutes I was registered, had uploaded 20 photos and started my project. I love when a site is fast and easy to get started. I don’t have time to wait or figure out a technical sign in requiring more info than the IRS! Get this, the site notes: you can upload 400 photos at once. Whoa. FOUR HUNDRED?! Wow.

And even if you think you aren’t technical enough to figure out photo books. KODAK already has you covered. With Live Help and Feeback at the bottom of each page. You can do this!

THUMBS DOWN: Normally the thing that gets my negative is shipping. But right now you get FREE shipping when you use the code: SHIP50 for anything over $50. I’m loving their designs and elegant feel to the whole site, I really can’t find anything less than positive?

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR: I’ve looked around at other sites for months preparing for my gift project and Kodak’s prices are very similar to competitors. Plus you get the Kodak brand behind you to relieve any worries about product value.

Notable features of Kodak Gallery with SmartFit:

  • Automatically arranges unlimited photos by size and by date they were taken
  • Makes it easy to refine your book with personal touches
  • Instantly enhances the color and layout of your photos
  • Allows you to undo and redo up to ten levels, no other online sites have this
  • Automatically calculates the price as you go
  • You can switch book size at any time throughout the process
  • “Save As” function so you don’t have to start all over for Grandma in Idaho and separate Grandma in Boston
  • Project share allows you to share your books with friends and family, they can add to it and send back to you

What kind of Kodak photo book gift would you make?

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