Dress for Success: Simple Wardrobe Tips for Power Holiday Shopping

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Tis the season to go shopping, fa la la la la.  These quick tips for hands-free, fuss-free power-shopping will keep you humming a festive tune:

Ditch the Coat

Window-shopping is one thing, but you’ve got presents to buy!  Assuming you’re not “just looking,” but rather intend to make purchases while you are out, plan your shopping around keeping your arms free.  Even if the weather is cold outside, chances are the stores will be warm.  Don your merriest of holiday layers and leave your heavy jacket in the car.  Who wants to be stuck carrying a coat when you could be filling your arms with bargains instead?

Don the Vest

The fleece vest is a serious shopper’s best friend.   It provides a layer of warmth that replaces the heavy coat you’ve left in the car and also offers zippered pockets, which can be used to store your cell phone, credit cards, and cash.  Hide your bulky purse in the car (under that big down coat) and keep all of your shopping essentials in your vest pockets.  Your arms and hands are free and you are ready to put them to good shopping use.

Disrobe with Ease

You have bargains to hunt down!  You have children who are asking to see Santa!  You don’t have time to fool around with buttons and buckles in the dressing room.  You want clothing that is easy-off and easy-on—and that still looks sharp even after multiple rounds of “see how this fits.”  Leggings are great for long shopping days—they go great with no-fuss flats, hold their shape well, and they're comfortable. Pair them with a simple tunic and vest and go shopping in style!

Walk in Style, Not Pain

Every power shopper knows that when you get down to business there is going to be a lot of WALKING (maybe even some running).  Mall walkers get exercise there for a reason.  Ditch those heels and pretty-but-impractical shoes; now is not the time to break them in.  You don't have to resort to the athletic or orthopedic shoes your grandparents wore. Many shoe designers these days provide so many fashionable AND comfortable shoes. Merrel is one of my favorite brands.  This company originally designed shoes for hiking and now they design for the mall-walking power shopper!  Your feet will thank you.

By Signe Whitson, LSW, is author of the blog "The Passive Aggressive Diaries".  As a mom and family therapist for over ten years, she has learned the value of handling passive aggressive behavior with humor and productivity.  Her advice on this topic is featured in "The Angry Smile: The Psychology of Passive Aggressive Behavior in Families, Schools and Workplaces," a book she co-authored, as well Psychology Today magazine. She partners with My Baby Clothes Boutique.

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