Fall Porch Container for Thanksgiving or Harvest Decor

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Fall is by far my favorite season for decorating. I love everything about the season: the weather, the colors, the harvests, the flowers, and the gourds. A quick combination of natural ingredients yields a wonderful look for most any porch, home or barn.  Here's an easy DIY Fall Porch Container for Thanksgiving or harvest decorations that you can make to liven up your porch decor!

Fall Porch Container for ThanksgivingHarvest

Fall Porch Container for Thanksgiving/Harvest

This is a simple container that will feature fall flowers and plants for amazing Thanksgiving or harvest party porch decorations on the cheap. With the right plants, you can keep your porch garden containers going for quite a few more weeks! Don't think for a minute that your garden is over just yet.

Flowering plants that do well in the fall:

  • Mums
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Ornamental kale and cabbage
  • Aster
  • Goldenrod
  • Sage
  • Sunflowers
  • Sedum
  • Fall crocus
  • Hyssop
  • Clematis

To Make a Fall Porch Container for Thanksgiving/Harvest:

Fall Porch Container for Thanksgiving or Harvest - gathering supplies to get ready to replant your summer containers

First, take stock of what you have on hand.

I have a lot of summer flowers that are hanging on a bit still, and I chose one of my favorite pots to turn into my Harvest Showpiece. It still has geraniums that I plan to over-winter, as well as some ornamental grass that still looks great. I took out the geraniums but was able to reuse the grass in my harvest container.

Fall Porch Container for Thanksgiving or Harvest - adding plants from my garden

Find natural matter to reuse or re-purpose.

I also took stock of other things I have growing in my garden - overgrown okra, for instance, and some marigolds. I picked the okra because I thought it would make an interesting contrast to the live flowers and dug up one of my marigolds. I bought a few mums because who doesn't like mums? And I also found a couple ornamental kale plants that I love as well. I saw really beautiful fall plant containers all over Chicago when we were there last fall and they all included ornamental cabbage and kale. What a great idea!

Fall Porch Container for Thanksgiving or Harvest - final decor with additional props for the season

Bring it all together.

Then, I just planted everything in my favorite pot and took my fall porch container to the outside of our barn. We're living a barn while we build our passive house. I thought we'd be in the house by now, but wouldn't you know it. Over a year later and we're still in the barn. Maybe by Christmas? I think it looks great with the homemade twig wreath my kids and I made a couple weeks ago. By the way, it's holding up really well and is still hanging out there on our barn. It's showing no signs of falling apart, so I think we did a great job on it!

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving or Harvest? I'd love to hear about your decor!

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