Leaf Art for Kids

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Fall is on the way to Eastern Iowa and we are using the changing seasons to inspire our days right now. One thing I love to do during the fall is create leaf art with my kids. We are always inspired by Louis Ehlert's book Leaf Man and use it to create awesome leaf art!

Leaf art for Kids

Leaf Art for Kids

Leaf art for kids, reading Louis Ehlert's book. Leaf Man To create your own leaf art for kids, I recommend getting the book Leaf Man by Louis Ehlert. You can check it out from the library or order in on Amazon. While I prefer to buy used books, this is one book I ordered new after years of never finding it at yard sales and checking it out from the library year after year.
Leaf Man by Louis Ehlert - leaf art for kids This beautiful book is full of wonderful pictures and has a cute little story of the fun things a Leaf Man sees as he is blown about by the wind. The book is absolutely amazing and full of inspiring leaf art. I'm just amazed every time I read this book at the things a creative mind can create out of something as simple as a leaves!

Leaf Art for Kids - inspiration outside with a nature walk! We start our project by taking a nature walk. You probably know by now that we like to be outside a lot. We are so inspired by the changing colors and the nice weather we're having out here in Eastern Iowa right now. This is the view we are greeted with on our little homestead. Isn't it gorgeous?

To make leaf art for kids, gather these supplies:

  • Louis Ehlert's book Leaf Man
  • Leaves of all shapes, sizes and colors
  • Acrons, walnuts, whatever ineresting objects your kids can find outdoors
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors for shaping leaves
  • Q-tips to help spread glue, if you'd like

Leaf art for kids - creating their nature men masterpieces

Then, read the book to get inspired and start creating. You can press the leaves first under wax paper and heavy books, or just start gluing. My kids like to jump right in, so we just get busy. Searching for and creating the leaf art is a wonderful time to learn about trees and their leaves, too. Around our homestead we have many types of trees including maple, oak, walnut, hickory, mulberry, and many other fruit trees. We also used grasses, acorns, and walnuts to make our leaf art.

Leaf art for kids - easy fall activity to do with kids

Imagination is the only limitation. The leaves can be turned into cows, turtles, fish, people, trees, fields - anything you can wrap your mind around. What would you and your kids like to make with leaves?

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