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Family Forward – Wizarding World of Harry Potter Exclusive

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You’re a wizard, Harry.” Never have such few words transported readers into a magical world filled with spells, dangerous creatures, and adventure. A world that has taught readers of all ages about the importance of finding inner strength, confronting  our fears, and doing what is right in the face of adversity.

Universal Orlando Resort’s Islands of Adventure whisks those of us whose Hogwarts’ letter has gotten lost, into the magic of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


The Family Forward Retreat kicked off with an Exclusive Dessert event during which, our Superhero Families were the only witches and wizards experiencing the full magic of Hogwarts and its magical village Hogsmeade. We stopped in at the Three Broomsticks to enjoy a butterbeer as well as apple pie, treacle pudding, and blueberry scones.

Enchanted Rides

  • Eternal glory awaits those witches and wizards who confront their fears on the Dragon Challenge.  Keep your Gryffindor courage close as you boldly brave the twists and turns of the Hungarian Horntail or Chinese Fireball.
  • Take it from Draco, do not anger the hippogriffs as you ride the Flight of the Hippogriff or you will regret it.
  • Explore the winding corridors of Hogwarts Castle; meet the portraits of Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor, and Salazar Slytherin the founders of Hogwarts; pay close attention to your surroundings on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

Every witch and wizard cannot leave the Hogsmeade without getting all their shopping needs. Enjoy the sweet treats of Honeydukes, prank a few first years courtesy of Zonko’s Joke Shop, and sneak into Filch’s Emporium and get your marauder’s map.  Check out a Shopper’s Guide to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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Must-Have Photos

  • Snap a picture sporting your best Butterbeer mustache – definitely a Hogsmeade’s classic.
  • Meet the best train conductor in the Wizarding World
  • The Three Broomsticks offers a great view of Hogwart’s Castle out on the patio behind the restaurant. Also view it from the bridge that will take you to the Jurassic age
  • Pose with the Nimbus 2000 or Firebolt broomsticks inside Dervish & Banges but steer clear of the Monster Book of Monsters
  • Every witch and wizard must have a wand from Ollivander’s Wand Shop. As Ollivander says, “the wand chooses the wizard.” Challenge a fellow student to a duel though be on the watch as it is illegal to use magic on Muggles and the Ministry of Magic workers are everywhere

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is more than a theme park. It is a magical world filled with awe and wonder. Universal Orlando Resort has brought the magical world of Harry, Ron, and Hermione to life. A world that we’ve read about in books, imagined in our sleep, and watched on-screen. A realm where your skin tingles at the feel of the magical charge in the air. A place where bravery, cleverness, loyalty, and resourcefulness come together to create an unforgettable memory. Also, don’t forget to swing by the boys and girls lavatories for a ghostly haunting by Moaning Myrtle.

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