Fight Off Summer Boredom With Family Arts and Crafts Projects


Fight off boredom with these fun summer craft ideas. All you need are some easy to find materials and some creativity!

Fence Mural

Tape a long roll of heavy paper to a fence. (Butcher paper works well or sometimes printing businesses will have roll-ends available for purchase.) Fill numerous small containers with washable paint and brushes. Decide on a theme (our neighborhood, summer activities, our family, zoo animals) and get busy making a mural with any number of young artists!  For the artistically challenged, check out your local craft store for some great stencil ideas.  Or for a natural stencil, trace your little one leaning against the fence and paint their shadow on the fence.

Flicker Paint

Wet both sides of a piece of white drawing paper with a sponge. Make sure the paper doesn’t get too soaked. Get some watercolor paint on a brush and drip, flick, and shake paint onto the paper. The colors will mix and blend on the wet paint. Leave in place to dry.

Nature Collage

Collect nature items in the yard or park into a small bucket. Leaves, sticks, small pebbles, pinecones, acorns, and flowers all work well. Squeeze trails of glue onto heavy and colorful construction paper. Scatter your outdoor treasures onto the glue to make a summer nature collage.  Press some of your precious flowers from your gathering trip.
After they have pressed for a few days, you can put them between two pieces of wax paper.  Iron the wax paper on low heat until the strips attach to each other.  Then for a firm foundation you can glue the wax paper to some heavy duty construction paper to make a bookmark, picture, or even a mural.

Brick Making

Mix dirt and water in a small bucket to form a mud ball. Press the mud into muffin tins. Bake in the oven at 250 degrees for fifteen minutes. Allow the bricks to cool. Turn the muffin tin upside down to get the bricks out. Use your mud bricks to build castles and buildings. Fresh mud can be used to hold the bricks together. Use stones, grass, sticks, and flowers to decorate.

These crafts are from the Preschool Art, a book that I highly recommend if you have a child who loves to craft and create. Enjoy your time being creative together!  Let you little ones decorate in their own style.

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