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Global Coalition: Mom Bloggers For Social Good is a Blog that Makes a Difference

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Once each week, we like to tell you about a women making a difference somewhere in the world. We've talked about blogosphere pioneer Jeanette Kaplun, author and photographer Karen Walrond, and many others who are using their talents and their social media involvement to increase positivity in the world. Well, today, we're not going to do that. Today, we're going to tell you about a blog that's making a difference. It's called, aptly: Mom Bloggers For Social Good.

The site was launched only three weeks ago by a network of over 400 mom bloggers from 15 countries—the United States, Canada, UK, India, Spain, Nigeria, Singapore, Netherlands, Pakistan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Jamaica, and the Philippines—who work with about eight international and U.S.-based nonprofit partners to voluntarily spread word about their new initiatives, advocacy campaigns, and fundraising efforts. The concept that compels MomBloggersForSocialGood is the rapid and wide dissemination of information about the good work being done by, and the needs of, the organizations working so hard to improve our world.

If there were one woman who would be THE Mom Making a Difference, it would be Jennifer James, MBFSG's inconspicuous founder. She wrote, in 2010:

I, for one, admittedly have not been the type of blogger who concentrates on huge issues that plague our planet because in all honesty I feel too small to make a difference. I have perpetually been debilitated by the notion that since I really can’t make a huge difference I guess I won’t do much at all. [But] I finally hit upon an epiphany! Global issues about poverty and education, world hunger and sex trafficking, as examples, don’t need to be solved by me. Rather, they can be solved when intelligent, conscious people bring ideas and solutions to the table and then people like me (bloggers) move those ideas and solutions through the Net. That is where the power of change really happens. Similarly that is where I know my power to make small change lies as well.

Less than a year after she wrote those words, she got the opportunity to go to Kenya as a member of ONE Moms, along with MomItForward's founder Jyl Johnson-Pattee . Jennifer says: "[That] trip changed my perspective on the world and challenged me to do more to help others." And she has been doing more, along with the all the other members of MomBloggersForSocialGood. In the past three weeks, they've:

  • Identified 12 areas of concentration: children, clean water and sanitation, communicable disease, education, environment and climate, fair trade, food security, HIV/AIDS, maternal health, non-communicable disease, women and girls, and workers' rights.
  • Grown by 100 members.
  • Followed member bloggers on an insight trip to Haiti to observe Heart of Haiti artisans at work. These sponsored trips get MBFSG bloggers involved on "ground-level."

Jennifer started MBFSG, but its power comes in the collective voice, the collective call to action, spread over 500 other blogs all over the world. That can't help but make a dent in the problems of the world.

What charity work are you involved in? How is this making a difference in your life and the lives of others?


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