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4 Tips to Increase Your Google Plus Hangout Engagement

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Now that you've got your Google Plus Hangout on Air scheduled, RSVPs flowing in, and your Run of Show created, you are ready to drive up your Google Plus Hangout engagement. Why focus on engagement? Because Google Plus Hangouts on Air are much more than a broadcast. And they are definitely not one-sided conversations. With only a few simple steps and with the right Google Plus Hangout engagement, you can drive dynamic conversations on multiple platforms streaming simultaneously. These conversations create a space where brands and bloggers can connect and share experiences, information, products, services, and more. They allow the hosts with the opportunity to build as close to in-person relationships, resulting in decision makers walking away with confidence, loyalty, trust, and most importantly, an authentic relationship.

Google Plus Hangout on Air Engagement

This is post six in our seven-part series on why Google Plus and how to host a successful Google Plus Hangout on Air. So far, we've introduced you to and given you tips on how to maximize your time there. We've introduced you to Hangouts on Air and provided creative ways to use them for your brand's benefit. We've walked you through the technical aspects of hosting a Google Plus Hangout on Air as well as given you the steps to prepare for a Hangout on Air as well as how to properly market your Hangout on Air. Now that you're an expert, it's time to focus on getting real results by building authentic relationships through your Google Plus Hangout engagement.

4 Tips to Increase Your Google Plus Hangout Engagement

1. Follow and welcome your guests.

Driving up your Google Plus Hangout engagement begins by first following those who RSVP to attend your event. And then, welcome them!

One of the clear benefits of a Hangout on Air event page is the direct access you have to the Google Plus profiles of all the guests that have RSVP'd to your event. By the time your event goes live, ensure you are following all the guests who plan on watching your Hangout. You can do this by following them and adding them to your circles.

Google Plus Hangout Engagement
As your event begins, tag your RSVP'd guests and welcome them to your event. Do this by simply updating the "Say something" field on your event's page and adding a + before the name of your guest as shown in the example below.

Google Plus Hangout Engagement

2. Start conversations before your Google Plus Hangout on Air on all of your social platforms.

If your audience hasn't fully converted over to the ways of Google Plus, don't fret. Driving up your Google Plus Hangout engagement is as simply as meeting people where they already are. In other words, reach out and promote your Hangout on Air in all of the spaces where your audience is comfortable. Find ways to start conversations relative to your Hangout topics on Facebook, Twitter, or on any platform where your engagement is steady. Consider creative ways to promote your Hangout on Air on Pinterest, Instagram, and even YouTube. Reach out to your audience in the time leading up to your Hangout and collect questions or insight that relates to your topic. Each time you reach out to your communities, include a call-to-action, and invite them to RSVP to your upcoming event.

Google Plus Hangout Engagement

3. During your Hangout on Air, engage with attendees by +1-ing comments and responding.

Whether you're producing your own Hangout, or hosting, or both, nothing will drive up your Google Plus Hangout engagement faster than having a little help. Choose who will play which role and have someone produce the event while the other manages the feed of your Google Plus Hangout on Air event page. This will allow you to adequately welcome your attendees individually while also keeping up to speed with any comments or questions that may come about during your event. If you have additional resources, consider allocating someone to your Twitter and Facebook feeds as well.

Share a common hashtag on each platform that relates to your Hangout on Air so that all involved can properly track the sentiment being shared. These resources can also provide the host or producer of the Hangout on Air with live up-to-the-minute information coming in from the audience, whether questions or comments. These can be incorporated into the live Hangout on Air for an added touch!

Tip! One of the best ways to elicit more comments is to ask a question at the end of your comment.

Google Plus Hangout Engagement

Still not sure the best ways to start the conversation and keep it going? Increase your Google Plus Hangout engagement by trying some of these tactics:

  • Create an eye-catching image related to your Google Plus Hangout on Air and share it on Instagram.
  • Grab your audience on Twitter by tweeting out a question about your Google Plus Hangout on Air in a creative way.
  • Start a conversation on Facebook by sharing a quote with a fun message that ties into your Google Plus Hangout on Air topic.
  • Create a YouTube teaser video to preview your Google Plus Hangout on Air. Then, upload it as a trailer on your event page.
  • Promote your Hangout on Air on your Google Plus page and ensure you're using proper hashtags to get the most traction.

Google Plus Hangout engagement is more than just following and talking, it's about shared engagement around a common interest where real relationships and bonds can be developed.

4. Follow up with your attendees after your Google Plus Hangout on Air.

As your Hangout ends, remind your engaged audience that the video element of your Hangout on Air lives on within your associated YouTube channel. Provide an additional call to action for any RSVP'd guests that you were unable to engage with, and provide them with the direct link to your YouTube channel.

Google Plus Hangout Engagement

Once your video is archived on YouTube, ensure it's properly optimized to ensure more people can find it. Lastly, keep your eye out for comments left on your YouTube channel. This is the perfect opportunity to further engage with your audience.



Google Plus Hangout Engagement

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