Holiday Roundup: Halloween Costume Ideas


What are you going to be for Halloween? I love this time of year, when each of my kids start dreaming of the perfect Halloween costume. We have been everything from super heroes to princesses at our house. This year, I reached out to the Mom It Forward community and asked them to share some of their favorite costume ideas with you. Yet again, they didn't disappoint. As you and your family plan your fall activities, consider dressing up for Halloween and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Halloween Costume Collage

Halloween Costume Ideas

Mario and Luigi Halloween Costumes by Making the World Cuter

If you have little boys, this would be the cutest costume choice ever. Love it! Here is how to make this fun costume duo.


DIY Girls Halloween Costume Paper Dolls by Brassy Apple

Have you ever seen something as creative as this? I am loving the simplicity of it. Here are the instructions on how to make this fun teenage costume.

paper doll costume


Newborn Ballerina Costume by Cari via Mom It Forward

If you have a baby girl, they has to be tole involved. Learn how to make this beautiful ballerina costume here.


Modest Adult Couples Costumes for Halloween by Moms Review 4 You

If you are one of those parents that like to dress up, here are some fun ideas for you and your spouse.



The Lorax Family Costume by I'm Topsy Turvy

This takes the award for the funnest family costume idea. Here are the instructions on how to make these fun costumes.



Thomas the Tank Engine by Mom It Forward

Every little boy loves Thomas right? Learn how to make these fun costumes here and make your kids smile for years to come.

Thomas_Both Kids


Halloween Happenings by Frankly My Dear

If you are looking for a costume that stands out in the crowd, either of these cute costumes will work. Learn how to create them here.

sunmaid raisins


How to Make a Full Length Pettiskirt by Creative Chaos Blog

My daughter loved to wear pettiskirts when she was little. With Halloween around the corner, you can get away with wearing them again. Learn how to make them here.

Anna Tayor collage


How to Create Halloween Costumes on a budget by Jessica Caldiero via Mom It Forward

After the Family Forward retreat, I am still dreaming about Harry Potter. Here is a fun and easy way to create a wizard cape and costume.



DIY Fix it Felix Costume by Brassy Apple

Do you have boys at your house that like tools? I know I do. Here is a fun way to incorporate their love of tools in a costume.

diy fix it felix costume


Family Halloween Costume Themes by Desert Chic Ramblings via Mom It Forward

If you like to dress up with your kids, here is a fun idea that won't break the bank.



Costume Making 101 by Toys in the Dryer

I love these cute costume ideas for little girls. See how easy they are to create them here.


What Does Your Halloween Costume Say About You by Mom It Forward

Halloween wouldn't be the same with Dracula. What types of costumes do your kids like? What do your costumes say about you. Learn more here.


Adrian Gentilcore from Adrian's Crazy Life says: "One is for kids and it's a serial-killer - only it's really a "cereal killer". You just take those little cereal boxes, stab plastic knives through them and sew them to a shirt - done! My other one is for Moms - it's called "Nudist on Strike". You just put on as many clothes as you can manage and get some pieces of cardboard to make a sandwich board - done! I love costumes that are super easy and clever like that. Thanks for sharing these fun ideas Adrian.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

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