Homemade Twig Wreath Kids Can Make

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I love to decorate for fall, and getting the kids involved in the fall decor is always a plus. This homemade twig wreath that kids can make is a wonderful addition to our outdoor decor and a good project to involve the kids in.

Twig Wreath kids can make - a nice addition to fall decor

Homemade Twig Wreath Kids Can Make

To make your own homemade twig wreath, first take the kids outside for a stuck hunt. We have lots of trees on our property and picking up sticks is always a necessarily job at our house. I'm always trying to find ways to make jobs seem less like work - and thought this might fool them into helping willingly.

I'm not going to lie, though, when I suggested to my kids that we gather sticks for a wreath, they looked at me like I was crazy. They were not fooled at all. And while I had hoped we would pick up sticks around our property, we actually found these sticks one day at a really shady park. I happened to look down at the ground and saw a ton of sticks, and strangely enough, they all seemed to be a pretty uniform size. So we went to work picking up a good sized bundle. Better too many, than not enough.

Supplies for homemade twig wreath kids can make

Supplies for Homemade Twig Wreath Kids Can Make

It doesn't take a lot of supplies other than twigs to make this wreath - but here's what you'll need:

  • A bunch of twigs - I liked some variety in the size and width of the twigs, but for the most part, we collected a nicely uniform bundle
  • Round piece of press-board with a hole in the middle to use as a template
  • Round piece of cardboard to glue to the back of the wreath
  • Hot glue gun - one with a temperature setting is useful for keeping the kids from getting burned
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Twine
  • Scissors

Homemade twig wreath kids can make photo tutorial

How to Make a Homemade Twig Wreath

First, cut a piece of pressboard into a circle and make a hole in the middle. I used bowls and cups as templates and then cut out the circles with scissors. This will serve as template and help keep your sticks lined up right.

Next, glue the sticks together around the circle - lining the tips up along the circle. The goal was to glue the sticks to each other, and not to the press-board. Older kids can glue the sticks together as long as they're able to do so without burning themselves. Younger kids can choose the order of the sticks and assist in handing them to the gluer. I have a glue gun with two temperature settings, and the hot setting was definitely too hot for my little kids. My almost 9 year old son was very able to use the glue gun, but he was super careful. Make sure to keep your kiddos safe.

Because of the way the sticks lined up, some sticks were glued together around the perimeter of the hole, and others were glued together further down. We needed to glue a lot of sticks together to make the wreath sturdy enough for hanging. Once we had a circle of sticks and the glue had dried for about an hour, we turned the wreath over and took off the press-board. Despite trying to only glue the sticks together {and not glue them TO the press-board}, we did have some press-board stuck to the sticks that we had to take off, as the side the press-board was on is the FRONT of the wreath. Homemade twig wreath kids can make

After we took the press-board off, we decided to make the wreath a little sturdier by also gluing on a circular piece of cardboard to the back of the wreath. Using the press-board circle that we took off the wreath as a template, we cut another circle out of sturdier cardboard and glued it to the back of the wreath.

Then, we continued adding sticks to our wreath until all the holes were filled in the wreath was nice and sturdy. We used a lot of glue! Finally, we looped a piece of twine through the wreath and hung it up outside on our barn.

Voila! A homemade twig wreath kids can make! Isn't it great? We really loved the way this project turned out and how nice it looks with our fall decor. I think a twig wreath will become a new yearly tradition.

Do you decorate for fall? What are your favorite items in your fall decor?

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