Kids Craft: How to Make Snow and Sparkle Decorations

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I love making crafts! And I love making crafts even more if I can reuse or recycle something as part of my craft. This time of year is perfect for crafting because my recycling bin and trash can are overflowing with exciting possibilities. Yes, I have been known to dig through the trash to retrieve the perfect square of paperboard from product packaging. It is my own way of making the world green and pretty! So let me show you a great way to use up bits of plastic packaging or old transparencies that are on their way to the landfill.


Thick or thin plastic can be used for this craft. If you can cut it safely, then use it! Once you have located plastic scraps, locate the following:

Crafting supplies

  • Fishing line
  • Mod Podge or white school glue if you are working with young children
  • White paint or white paint pens (both oil and water based Sharpie pens will work well)
  • Correction pen or correction tape will also work!
  • Glitter (this is a good time to use up mixed colors of glitter)
  • Cutting utensils (scissors, circle punch, I used the Creative Memories Circle Patterns)
  • Paint brushes for the glue and paint
  • Small hole punch
  • Sequins or any other shiny you have around


Making Glittery snowflakes


This project is limitless, so don’t stop yourself from trying new things! Instead of instructions, I will give you a couple of guidelines that made it work for me.

  • Cut the plastic very carefully into a circle (the pointy corners of squares were not pleasant).
  • If you are hanging, add a hole with the hole punch.
  • Paint or glue a snowflake or other design using a template underneath the plastic if you wish.
  • Add sequins or glitter or tissue paper or whatever you like.
  • Allow everything to dry.
  • Remove excess glitter with a dry paint brush.
  • Hang individually with loops of fishing line or create a string of snowflakes by using clear tape to attach the plastic circles to the fishing line.

Be sure to have fun!

Do you make your own holiday decorations? How do you get your kids involved?

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