Layering: 3 Outfit Ideas to Help You Stay Cute and Comfortable

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Woman in jeans and a cardigan FashionSpringtime climate is utterly unpredictable. Here, in the Northeast, we go from balmy 8 degree weather to a cool 50 degrees in one day! Springtime is one of my favorite times of the year. Like the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees, I too am waking up after a long hibernation all winter.

From the spring showers to the cool mornings, the Earth is transitioning into summer and so is our closet. While the weather trying to find it’s rhythm our fashion has to adapt. What to do? Layer, Layer, Layer! Layering a great way to experiment with your fashion sense and it's so practical when the temps are up and down in the course of a day.

Layering sometimes gets a bad rep. You don’t have to look like a hobo when you add layers. Although the hobo look is in right now…but that’s for another post! Laying is not as scary as you might think. Embrace the layers and go for it!

Easy Layered Looks

To achieve the perfect layered look, here are a few outfit ideas to help you create great looks during these transitional days:

Layered Look #1

  1. Begin with a basic look – Jeans + Shirts  + Flats/ Heels
  2. Add a blazer, or a vest, or a cardigan,
  3. Throw on a scarf and drape it lose around your neck.

Layered Look #2

  1. Begin with shorts, blousey shirt, boots/heels. I love boots with shorts (not shorty shorts but a nice classic above the knee).
  2. Add some tights under your shorts
  3. Add a few long shiny necklaces and you are set!

Layered Look #3

  1. Begin with dress + boots/heels
  2. Sport a thin long cardigan
  3. Wear a skinny belt right at your waist
  4. Jazz it up with some gold long necklaces

General Layering Tips

  • The heavy bulkier garments should always be on top
  • Longer thinner garments should be layered closest to the skin.
  • Mix and match colors and prints – see what suits your style best.
  • Accessorize! Long necklaces add depth to any outfit. Belts can change a drab dress, and never underestimate the power of a killer hat!

When the weather changes from cold to hot, what are your layering techniques to help you stay comfortable all day long? What layered looks are you loving?

Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Maria Colaco is also known as "Mommy' and the founder of the blog - NewYorkMOM AKA- Plus.Lily.Makes.Three .

She lives in the NYC burbs and is the Chick-in-Charge  of NYC based Modern Dance Company MariaColacoDance. She is also a freelance writer and social media consultant. You can find her onlne at @pluslily or @mariacolaco.



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