Managing Passwords: Learn Why Hackers Hate LastPass

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LastPass is the password manager hackers hate Protection—If you’re one of those people who use the same easy-to-remember password on every site, you’re not alone. Did you know millions of people actually use 123456 or PASSWORD to gain access to things like their favorite shopping sites (which has personal and credit card information stored), email accounts, and even banking sites. Well, head’s up Twirlers, hacking is on the rise and becoming easier than ever.

Have we scared you smart yet? Good, because we have the perfect solution.

LastPass is a free password manager that does for passwords what Superman does for Lois Lane—provides total protection. LastPass stores all your passwords safely and securely so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting them ever again. So please get rid of that desktop folder named “Passwords,” ok? And, LastPass is also a strong password generator so it will create unique, highly secure passwords for every one of your online accounts.

In fact, the only password you’ll ever need to remember from now on is the one that opens LastPass. Check out this video to see exactly how LastPass will allow you to give the ol’ “Nyah Nyah” to would-be hackers everywhere.

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