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Family Outdoor Activities for Winter: Zoo Bingo Printable

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Getting active as a family in the winter months, especially if you live somewhere cold, can be challenging. The bears may be on to something with that hibernation thing! LOL! But really, the winter season is the perfect time to get out, get active as a family, and go to the zoo! The zoo? Yes! You read that right.

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5 Tips to Having a Successful Winter Outing at the Zoo

Going to the zoo in warmer weather may not require that the kids bundle up, but it is the busiest time of the year for zoos. Winter months are far less busy and offer some great perks. Here's some ways to have a successful winter outing to the zoo:

  1. Bundle up. Make sure that everyone is wearing their warmest clothes: winter coats, scarves, gloves, socks or warm wool tights, and hats. Being cold, no matter the activity, isn't fun for anyone.
  2. Research winter animal habits. Animals have different habits in the winter than they do in the summer. Get your kids excited to learn what's new at the zoo from the last time they visited. While there, call out the differences to make the experience as educational as possible.
  3. Look up admission rates and hours ahead of time. Zoo hours may differ in winter and summer months. Go online or call your local zoo to inquire. Also, at our local zoo, the rates drop $2 per person in the winter months. Take advantage of savings by going in the winter months.
  4. Go on a family photo walk. Give everyone in your family their own camera (phones work great!) and go on a family photo walk. This works great at aquariums, farms, or zoos—any place with fun photo opps. Check out these instructions for ways to have a successful family photo walk.
  5. Play zoo bingo. Download our free printable, part of our "Get Active: 31 Days of Family Fun Ideas" eBook, which focuses on getting the family out and active during the winter months.

Click to download Zoo Bingo Printable. Visit our eBook page, for more winter activity ideas and printables.


What winter weather activities do you like to do as a family that help you get out and get active?

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