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School can be a very hard time for children. After spending a long summer with family and friends, the transition back to school can be tough. Going to a new school or starting a new schedule can make your child hesitant. Prepping your child for the school year is a great idea. Take time to figure out your child's worries and figure out ways to ease their fears. Here are some ways to help prepare your child for the new school year.

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How to Prepare Your Child for the New School Year

1. Let your child know that every kid is nervous for their first day of school. Its only natural to be nervous about going to a new class or school. Having to meet new people is scary, especially for most children.

2. Bring out the positive. Make sure you focus on the positive about going to school. This is a time in a child's life to make friends and learn. What's more fun than going to see your friends everyday at school?

3. Make sure you reassure your child that if anything happens at school, you are only a phone call away.

4. Let your child know their schedule, so they already know what time school starts and ends. When looking for a more flexible schedule for them, consider the many education options at Sisd.

5. If your child is going into kindergarten, get them ready for testing. Find a book where they can practice tracing their letters and writing their names. Testing can be scary and if the child is prepared, they have nothing to worry about.

6. Social preparedness is a big way to prep your child for school. School is not only a time to learn about math, English, science, etc. but it is also a time to learn how to be social. Make sure your child knows how to share, follow rules, and control their feelings. Make sure they are potty trained, and make sure they know how to communicate!

Though this may seem like a lot for some of you, it is very essential. Make it a daily routine to get your child prepped for the school year!

How do you help your young children prepare for the new school year?

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