Travel: 6 Life Lessons That Travel Teaches Your Children

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When I was young, my mother showed me the splendor of travel. She taught me to explore, to question, and to discover the world around me. Through travel, I got to see places I’d read about in school, and learned how the world is right at my fingertips. I just had to get out and go see it.

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Here are six ways that traveling, both far away and just around the river bend, will teach your children valuable life lessons that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

What Traveling Teaches Your Children

Traveling with your kids will. . .

1. Teach them that the world is huge

There are so many places to see and once you start to explore them, you will always crave more. Teach your children to ponder just how big and diverse the world is. It is full of different cultures, traditions, and amazing people.

2. Teach Them that the World is Small

The world may seem large but once you get out there, it doesn’t feel so big after all. With each new place you visit, explain to your children how every human has hopes and dreams whether they are in China, Argentina, or the next town over.

3. Teach Them How to Try Different Foods

Food is one of the greatest joys of life, so try to diversify their palates early. Take them to try Thai or African food, and explain to them how children in those countries eat this food everyday. Food is an excellent way to teach them about different traditions and cultures.

4. Teach Them that Adventure is Out There

There are places in Israel where you can ride camels through the desert, or in Argentina where you can learn to Spanish tango. Teach your children to have adventure in their heart, to try new things, and to be open minded to new opportunities.

5. Teach Them to Question

When you travel somewhere new, encourage your children to ask you about the new things they see, how the people around them behave, and even why different cultures believe what they do. An inquisitive child is one who wants to learn. Travel is an excellent way to invoke meaningful questions to discuss with them and teach them about life.

6. Teach Them to Be Inspired

Travel allows your children to discover just how many endless opportunities there are in the world. When you travel with your children, inspire them to learn a new language, play a new game, or make new friends. They will carry these experiences with them throughout their lives and inspire them to continue to explore everything the world has to offer.

Travel with your family, whether it be across the country or across the globe. The experiences you share with your children will be ones they will remember forever.

What do you hope your children will learn from traveling?


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Jocelyn is a recent college grad who is passionate about writing, traveling, and teaching. Right now, she works as a private tutor in Southern California as she explores her career interests. She spends her free time exploring new places and finding new adventures wherever she goes.


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