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How to Save Zinnia Seeds

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Zinnias are one of my favorite flowers to grow in my garden. Not only are they beautiful and easy to grow, they are also a kid-friendly plant and saving their seeds for next year's garden is really easy. Your children will not only love picking beautiful zinnias next year, but they will also love watching the butterflies they attract, too! Here's how you can save zinnia seeds with your kids.

How to save zinnia seeds - great flowers for a kid friendly garden

How to Save Zinnia Seeds

Zinnia seeds are easy to save. And the steps for saving zinnia seeds can be applied to several other wildflowers and plants but their large size and beautiful flowers are perfect for kids to handle.

Step 1. Let your favorite {the nicest and prettiest flowers} dry on the plant.

Saving zinnia seeds is really easy, as long as your plants are open-pollinated varieties and not hybrid flowers. Hybrid flowers will not grow true to form from saved seeds although it could make for a fun experiment to see how the flowers differ the next year.

How to save zinnia seeds

So resist the temptation to pick your prettiest flowers.  Instead, let the nicest and prettiest flowers dry on the plant - despite how ugly the dried flowers may appear. Once they have thoroughly dried, carefully cut the flowers off the plants so that you don't lose the seeds as you transport the flowers.

Step 2. Remove the seeds from the flowers.

How to save zinnia seeds from the garden

The seeds are located inside the flower pod and are shaped like an arrow. All you have to do is remove the dried leaves, making sure to get the seeds that are stuck to the middle of the flower.

How to stave zinnia seeds - perfect starter seeds for kids

Step 3. Store the seeds in an envelope or glass jar.

How to Save Zinnia Seeds - for a quick, beautiful, child-friendly garden

The experts recommend storing seeds in a labeled envelope. I prefer putting them in a glass jar. If you use a glass jar, just make sure they are dried thoroughly as storing seeds that aren't quite dry can cause them to mold and ruin the whole batch. Whatever container you plan store your seeds in, keep it in a cool, dry place until spring and make sure you remember where that safe place is so that you can plant them in the spring!

Step 4. Plant in the spring & enjoy with your kids.

In the spring, once all danger of frost has passed, plant your seeds in your garden and enjoy their beauty all season long!

What are your favorite flowers to plant in your gardens? Have you ever saved the seeds?

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