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School may be out for summer but don't let that make you take a vacation from education. Your children have worked so hard all year to master their skills. Keep them sharp with fun summer learning activities. Having kids of varying ages I know this can be a challenge. It doesn't have to be. Here are some easy ways to keep your kids learning with out making it a chore.

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Summer Learning Tips

  1. What's for dinner? Go through a cook book with your children. Get them involved. Together pick out an easy recipe. Older kids get a pen and paper to write the grocery list. Have a little one that doesn't know how to write? They can still help. Give them paper and some crayons and have them draw the items you need. I know taking kids to the grocery store can be a daunting task. Make it simple to make it fun. Only shop for the meal you are making that night. Visit a local farmers market for the produce. Give your kids some tips on how to pick to what is fresh and ripe and then let them find what they need. Next cook together. Let them do the measuring. By the time you are finished dinner will be too and in the process you have done a little bit of reading, writing, and math.
  2. Expose them to local culture. Visit parks, museums, and zoos. Take lots of pictures and keep a journal of your day trips. Have them write one sentence about their favorite part. At the end of the summer you will have a nice scrap book of memories and undoubtedly learned something new.
  3. Rainy days are perfect for checking out the library. Encourage your children even the littlest ones to find a book they would like to read or have you read to them. Get them their own library card. Check of some fun books and for 15 minutes each day have them drop what they are doing to read. If they love to read they will naturally become life long learners.
  4. Explore your own back yard. Gather anything and everything. You can use leave and flowers and to make unique summer art projects or beautiful bouquets to decorate the house. Do a little research about the things you find. Find a small spot for you kids to grow some new plants of their own. Keep them curios about the world around them.
  5. Learning can happen anywhere and everywhere. Take advantage of the things around you. Reading and writing are the foundation of education. Read street signs, labels at the store, just read. But don't stop there. Write. Write out a card to a friend. The list for the grocery store. It really doesn't matter. Keep your kids reading and writing. Watch them learn and grow and maybe... just maybe teach you a thing or two.

What are your tips for keeping summer learning at the front of your family's minds?

Jena Lynn. Stay at home mom of three boys where everyday is a new messy adventure. New to blogging. Love sharing my thoughts and experiences as a mom while keeping it real.


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