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Top Family Outdoor Ideas for Summer

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Are you a road tripper, RVer, outdoorsy, love all things camping and do any one of those things often with your family? We asked the Mom It Forward community what they liked to do outdoors and the response was incredible. Here are some fun ways you and your family can get outdoors this summer and enjoy your time together. 

Family Fun Outdoor Ideas for Summer


Get Outdoors

So We Got an RV by Hobby Mama Blog - If you are going to go camping outdoors, Jamie from HobbyMama says you must do it in an RV.

5 Tips for Camping With Toddlers by Mom It Forward via Jen A Street - Camping with toddlers can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some tips to help make things go a little more smoothly.

Camping by Our Life is Beautiful - Camping is such a fun family activity even if you are 8 months pregnant. Read about this expectant mom's favorite way to camp.

Sea Pirate Campground by Mom It Forward via Kendra's blog - If you like to camp but prefer to be as bug free as possible, consider going to a place where they have cabins. The Sea Pirate Campground had all the amenities of camping - fire pit, canoes, and a pond, but had the comfort of home.

Renting an Airstream Near  Monterey by 510 Families - If you don't like being cold when you camp, a KOA campground has your covered. This one in Watsonville, California has an Airstream available.

Where to Pitch a Tent in New York by This Mama Loves - New York state has a lot of fun places to pitch a tent. Whether you like to be by a lake, up in the mountains, or a comfortable spot in a lawn chair, here are a few ideas that will help you plan your next trip.

5 Family Camping Activities to Get Everyone Involved by Nanny Classifieds - Every year, millions of families head to the hills to go camping. It can be a bit of a challenge to get kids to unplug, but with a few nature activities, they will be forgetting about their phones and tablets and having the time of their lives.

National Parks

State and National Park Camping

Giant City State Park Natural Trails by Food Family Finds - If you looking for a place that is secluded, peaceful, and deep in the woods, then Giant City State Park in Carbondale, IL is the perfect spot. It is too pretty for words.

Delicate Arch Hike in Arches National Park by Mom Always Finds Out - Nothing compares to the beautiful red rock and arches in southern Utah. If you want to see one of the most iconic arches in the area, go on the Delicate Arch hike.

10 Tips for Visiting Zion National Park by The Joys of Boys - If you and your family like to hike, going to Zion National Park is a must. Here are a few tips to make sure you are prepared for a day of hiking and exploring.

What to do in Yellowstone National Park by Mom It Forward -

Bryce Canyon and Mesa Verde by Mom It Forward via The Will to See - If you love history, you have to visit Bryce Canyon and see the outdoor amphitheaters and Mesa Verde to see preserved cliff drawings. These National Parks can be found in Utah and Colorado.

Sightseeing in Southern Utah by Mom It Forward via Hobby Mama - If you are in southern Utah, you have to visit Lake Powell. It is the second largest man made resevoir in the United States. It is breathtakingly beautiful.

Road Trips

Road Trips

10 Things I Learned From our Family Road Trip to Walt Disney World by Sarah by the Sea - Do you like to go on road trips? Here are 10 things you should know before heading out on the road to Disney World.

7 Reasons Why Our Family Loves to Road Trip by Family Road Tripping - If you and your family like to road trip, then you'll love reading this post. There are so many benefits to being together on the road with your family. Here are a few to consider.

I Watched Him Run Westward by Some Day I'll Learn - This adventurous family went on a month long vacation. Can you even image? Chelsea Nicole http://www.somedayilllearn.com/adventure-family/

My Weekend in Maine by Mom Spotted - If lakes and light houses are a few of your interests, then road tripping to Maine should be on your list.

Tips on how to Prepare for a Great Holiday Road Trip by The Things I Love Most - Preparing for your road tip is a must to make it run smoothly. Here are some great tips to make your trip more enjoyable.

Top Ten Best Road Trips Destinations in the United States by Dotting the Map - There are so many incredible places you can visit in the United Sates. Here are a few that top the list.

5 Tips for Helping Children be Happy on Road Trips by Stephanie Cornwall - Kids don't typically like being in the car for hours. Here are 5 Tips for making their road trip a lot easier.

Family Festivals by State by The Cinnamon Hallow - If you haven't been to a fall festival, you have to put this on your fall list of things to do. Here is a comprehensive list of the festivals across the country.

8 Tips to Survive a Family Road Trip by Mom It Forward via Finding Sanity in our Crazy Life - The ultimate strength or sanity of a family is put to the test on a road trip.


Money Saving Travel Ideas

8 Outdoor Family Friendly Vacations from Southern Mom - If you are looking for a vacation that won't break the break the bank, here are a few that are under $400 a shot.  http://southernmomloves.blogspot.com/2014/04/8-outdoors-family-friendly-vacations.html

The Best Tip for Saving Money on Gas by Family Road Tripping - One of the biggest expenses of a road trip can be the gas. Here are some tips for saving money.

4 Family Friendly Mountain Vacations by Southern Mom -  Looking to save money on a mountain vacation? Here some great tips to make sure your trip doesn't cost you a fortune.

How to Save Money on Family Travel by Saver in the City via Mom It Forward - If you are planning a family vacation, you know it going to cost you. Here are some tips for saving money on your next trip.

Tips to Save Big on Your Next Vacation by The Frugal Girls - Here are some awesome tips for saving money that require little effort on your part.

water vacations

Water Vacations

Starvation State Park by Love Bugs & Postcards - If you are in the Utah area, Starvation reservoir is a great place to relax in the sun and enjoy the cool water.

The Florida Bucket List by Bella Vida by Letty - If you love to go to the beach, Florida is a great vacation spot. Here are some places you must visit when you are there next.

Canoeing as a Family Brings us Closer Together by Go Adventure Mom - A great way to connect with your family on the water is by doing it in a canoe.

Fish Lake by Love Bugs & Postcards - If you are into fishing, here is a fun place to drop your pole..

10 Best Water Sports Resorts by Family Vacation Critic - If you want to know where the top water sport resorts are located, this post is for you.

Road Trip supplies

Food  & Supplies

Travelin' Trail Mix For Kids by My Creative Days - Snacks are an essential part of a road trip. Here is a yummy recipe even your kids will love.

Road Trip Bingo by Mom It Forward - If you need things to when you are traveling in the car, the Road Trip Bingo card is just the ticket.

5 Tech Products Beyond the iPad to Keep Mom Sane on Road Trips by Family Road Tripping - Tech products are a must when you are traveling. Here are the top 5 you must pack for your next vacation.

Hair Gel Writing Bags by My Creative Days - If you want to give your kids something fun and exciting to play with while they are traveling down the road, try this hair gel writing bag. So creative.

10 Packing Tips for Family Road Trips by Family Road Tripping - If you have a hard time packing, here is the post for you. Pack exactly what you need without the worry of forgetting anything important.

Travel Activity Bag For Kids by My Creative Days - Having a bag of tricks is a necessity when you are in the car. Here are some great items to include in your bag.

Road Trip Activities for the Kids by My Creative Days - If you keep hearing "Are we there yet?", then you need an idea to keep boredom away. Here is a fun one.

10 Must Have Family Road Trip Games by Family Road Tripping - Here are 10 games you can play on the road. If you get tired of one, you have a few more you can try.

Ice Cream in a Bag Recipe by Mom It Forward - If you crave ice cream when you are camping, now you can create your own. Here is a super easy recipe.

What are some of your best secrets for having a fun outdoor vacation?

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Post in this roundup are from the Mom It Forward Community. Thank you for sharing your fabulous ideas with us!

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