3 Tips to Improve Your Wellness


This year I challenge you to ask of yourself the gift of FLOWERS…a Focused Life of Wellness whose Example Raises Strength, of course!

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Let me explain. I care about you as a mom, and I think it’s important for you to take time to focus for yourself and on yourself. Unfortunately, too many of us play the grand martyr, saying we don’t have time and energy to dedicate to ourselves. Poo. Today, amongst the sidewalk chalk and finger paintings let’s draw a new paradigm. After all, sometimes what we won’t do for ourselves, we’ll do for our kids.

According to Americans On The Move Foundation, 71 percent of kids say they learn how to be healthy from their moms. What is your lifestyle teaching? We are no more effective at preaching wellness than we are the virtues of honesty, respect, integrity, gratitude, kindness and patience if we don’t demonstrate them by living them daily.

Furthermore, many of our daughters are going to grow up to be moms themselves. Do we really want to show them that being a mom means always putting others’ needs first? That their well being as a mother is insignificant? We unfortunately live in an age where there is often an unhealthy focus on our children. It’s too easy to make them the focus of every outing, every conversation. Plus, we unwittingly put undue pressure on our children when our own esteem and value are based on their successes or failures. We must have strong roots if we want our kids to fly. At the same time, if I cannot separate my well being from the role I play as a mother, I risk raising egocentric, ungrateful, high-maintenance, unmotivated and irresponsible adults. All because I didn’t make time for me to exercise! Whoa.

3 Tips To Improve Your Wellness

So here are some tips to help you be a blooming example of wellness!

  • Don’t always sneak your workouts in during the early morning, naps and school hours. Let your kids see you break a sweat. You’ll know you’ve had success when they decide to join you!
  • Take up the intensity and dial down the time. Results can be found in short durations of exercise. Don’t believe me? How many burpees can you do in 20 minutes?!
  • So you see, the gift of FLOWERS is a gift that keeps on giving. We raise strength in our own character and physical well being when we tend to our health, but we also literally raise an entire generation after us capable of flourishing! Plant the seeds of intentions now to inspire yourself, your kids and all of us with your MOMentum!

For inspiration and motivation, check out Miss-Fit on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +. Every month, we encourage a healthy 21-day challenge, and this month, we’re challenging you to MOVE! Join us in the movement toward movement for the remainder of May! You know, for the kids’ sake.

 What are you doing to stay fit?

Erin Henry Erin Henry earned a dual degree in dietetics and hotel/restaurant management from Kansas State University and completed her dietetic internship at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla. She is a registered dietitian, a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a Certified Wellness Coach through the American College of Sports Medicine Wellcoaches.

Erin has coached and counseled hundreds of individuals on the topics of individual and worksite wellness, disease management, food sensitivities, as well as family nutrition concerns including childhood nutrition as it relates to behavioral and cognitive performance. She has also contracted nutrition services for several commercial and government programs and a variety of worksite wellness programs. She’s made several local television and radio appearances for promotional and educational events.

Erin stays busy living out the Miss-Fit Manifesto with her husband, Mr. Right, and her two children, Mini Mister and Miss Fits (ages 8 and 5).

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