Affirmations and Scriptures for High Risk Pregnancy

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It seems like a shock sometimes, but I've made it to the third trimester! After seven miscarriages, I have to pinch myself when I realize how far I've come. The nausea is now gone and I feel back to myself... well, a tired version of myself.

I still have three months to go, so when the nerves start, there are a few go to scriptures and affirmations that I read over and over. They calm my heart and get me past those moments of high anxiety. I know worry doesn't help a thing, but I need these words to remind me of that.

Don’t worry about anything - Affirmations and scriptures for pregnancy

It's amazing how we let worry creep into our lives, isn't it? Over the years, my husband has helped me come up with a few ways to tackle the worry. We make a list of what is worrying me. Usually, when I see it written out, it isn't as big or as overwhelming as I thought.

He also helps me come up with a way to make a to-do list out of the worries. For example, I am worried about my diabetes test at my next doctor's appointment. He helped me walk through what I can do to help the worry. We made a plan, that I will just limit my sugar and starches right away, to help the test go as smoothly as possible. It seems so obvious, but when I'm in the middle of worrying about it, it can seem overwhelming.

Do not worry about tomorrow - scriptures and affirmations for pregnancy!

I know these last weeks will probably pass quickly, but when those "what ifs" creep up, I'll be making my lists and reading these words of comfort.

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow - Affirmations and Scriptures for pregnancy

I wish there was a switch I could flip to turn off the worry, but until I find that switch, I will remember where my help comes from!

How do you manage worry? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks!

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Kate writes a lifestyle legacy blog named Songs Kate Sang and is a professional photographer. She enjoys handwritten correspondence, and may break out into musical numbers at any time. She and her husband Brian have been married since 1999. They have three children - Julia, 14, Nate, 11, and Riley, 3 + one on the way. She is a Texas girl and has lived in Arizona for 5 wonderful (and hot!) years. Kate writes from the heart about adoption and miscarriage. She is passionate about encouraging and serving others!


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