Father’s Day: Growing Up Dad


Father’s Day is a day set aside to honor our dads and show them how much we love them or reflect on their memory if they have past on. As children, we probably all had many different views of "our” dad and how he measured up. As adults, we appreciate all the hard work, dedication, love, care, and even hair pulling he did while we were kids. Dads are special!

As I thought about my dad, I really began to think about my husband as a father, and how much he has changed over his 16 years of parenting. It is kind of funny when you have children at an early age, you almost get to “grow up” with your child, which is exactly what we did. My husband was twenty years old when our son was born. I thought we were adults back then. What was I thinking!? I look back on pictures of my husband holding our new little bundle of joy and see how young he really was.

My husband has always been a great dad, but at first, he did not relate to this little baby that slept, ate, pooped, and cried. But they grew on each other quickly. They loved to build blocks or stack cups and knock them down. My husband bought our son his first bike before he was even a year old. When our son was old enough to play baseball, his dad signed him up. Baseball is still their thing, along with fishing. The boys have spent hours on end together working or just having fun over the years. Our son has learned so much from watching his dad, and my husband has enjoyed spending time “growing up” with his son.

So this Father’s Day thank your dad for being a great dad, and for showing you fatherly qualities to look for so your children have a great father, too.

How has parenthood changed you? How do you build strong relationships with your children?

Robin has been married for more than 15 years and has learned a lot.  She has thoroughly enjoyed watching her son and husband interact and grow closer every single day.  Robin is enjoying spending time with her family during this summer break and writing for  Make sure to stop by and shop for the cutest summer wardrobe around.  July 4th items are available as well.

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