Sewing: How to Modify a Skirt Pattern

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Sewing is a fun and crafty way to modify clothes to fit your specific body type. All the different colors and patterns of fabric allow you to have the exact article of clothing in the exact color and style you want! If you’re like me and are taller than your average Jane, you will need to extend the length of anything you make for the bottom half of your body.

I love making skirts because a lot of stores don’t carry the length I am looking for.Growing up, my mom would always insist that my skirts be no shorter than my knees. Being five foot ten when I was only in the eighth grade made it pretty hard to meet that expectation.It was difficult to find skirts I liked that didn't cost a fortune, if I could find them at all. That is when my Grandma suggested I sew my own skirts!


I had grown up cross stitching and using the sewing machine for fun projects, but had never made my own clothes. Grandma took me to a Jo-Ann Fabric store and told me to pick out any print I wanted for my first skirt. I chose a bold red and yellow flower pattern. Later at home, I laid out the pattern on the fabric and drew the extra couple inches I needed, and then started cutting away! Lining up the fabric pieces and pinning them in place is essential before you hit the sewing machine. With my Grandmothers help I was able to finish the skirt and have made many more since that first project! Sewing is a great constructive craft that you can use on a regular basis!


Sewing Tips

  • When you purchase a skirt pattern, lay out the pattern on your chosen fabric. Carefully sketch out the bottom portion of the skirt to the number of inches that you desire. If the skirt is in a flare cut, make sure to extend the flare motion.
  • The above tip works the same if you are wider than the pattern is measured for. Just sketch out a couple extra inches and it should fit just fine! A waistband like this is nice for high-waist skirts.
  • If you are making a skirt for a child, allow a few more inches at the bottom of the skirt. Those couple of inches can be hemmed up and then let out when the child starts to grow taller. This can save a lot of time and money down the road.
  • Skirt patterns with a band at the top are better to buy if you plan to tuck your shirt into your skirt; it just looks better. A pleated top fits smoothly if you prefer your shirt to untucked.
  • Before you start, make sure the color of your thread matches the color of your skirt, and then sew away!



Now, just because I am talking about girls with different-than-normal body types doesn’t mean all other girls can’t make skirts as well! Sewing is fun and it’s cool to show off your craft just by walking around wearing it. So go to Jo-Ann or any other fabric store, and get your fabric and pattern and start your skirt today!

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Rachel Lewis


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