Simple Ways to Dress up a Plain Package


The Holidays are coming, and they're coming fast. Which means shopping, cooking, baking, decorating... and on December 24th, a late night of wrapping. And wrapping. And wrapping. But wrapping gifts doesn't have to be stressful! Here are a few easy gift wrap ideas that you can use to dress up even the most plain package!

Simple ways to dress up a plain package for Christmas gifts and presents

Wrap your packages with plain craft paper. You can buy rolls in the gift wrap department or sometimes get plain paper at a craft store or even hardware stores in the paint section. You can decorate the paper itself for homemade gift wrap as this tutorial shows, but don't ignore the extras in the wrapping process. Dress up your packages with these simple tips!

Wrapping up a Gift for a Guy

This gift wrap is perfect for a masculine gift - just grab some baker's twine and "manly" ornaments.

Supplies and ornaments on package for a guy's Christmas present

Wrap the package in baker's twine, tie a knot, then tie the ornaments to the ends of the twine.

Tie ornaments on package for an added sparkle

Add Bling To Your Christmas Packages

Even easier - you can use a roll of bling to decorate your package.

Use roll of beads to add bling to your Christmas presents

Just wrap the package - over and over and over - then tie the ends to secure.

Add bling to a package by simply wrapping it!

Sparkle Garland Confetti for a Christmas Present

You can use some tinsel garland to decorate a package, almost as easily.

Add sparkles on package for a simple way to dress up a Christmas present

Wrap the garland around the package, tie to secure.

Wrap around package in both directions

Twist a second piece around the center so you have four ends, then twist each end around a pen to curl.

Curl wire around a pen to add curlie-cues

So much easier than trying to curl ribbon!

Sparkly package for gorgeous Christmas presents!

To top off your gift wrap, you can add a tag, or use markers to write directly on the paper!

What other easy gift wrap ideas do you have?

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