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Community Service: 7 Tips to Giving Back as a Family

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Families that serve together, stay together. Strong families recognize the need to give back to the community that so readily gives to them through community service.

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The Benefits of Performing Community Service as a Family

Community Service provides endless benefits for all involved.

When families perform community service together, they experience benefits such as better physical and mental health, increased self confidence, stronger family unity, greater family and individual identity, an increased ability to overcome and deal with stress, improved communication, and a deeper understanding of the world and people around us. And this list of benefits is just the beginning. The key benefits families who perform community service experience is more patience with one another, more cohesion, and a greater sense of good.

7 Tips for Strengthening Your Family Through Community Service

Instead of waiting for your family to be asked to serve others, be proactive and take it upon yourselves to find ways to serve. Here are a few tips to help your family get started.

    1. Have an attitude of service. An attitude of service starts at home. Encourage family members to serve one another for the right reasons, not for money or prizes. Be a good example of service yourself.
    2. Don't let a busy family schedule keep you from service. Put service on your calendar. It is the perfect way to devote time to spend together.
    3. Choose the activity together. Talk about the different service opportunities in your community and use the discussion as a time to help your children understand the needs of those around them. It is a perfect way to open communication and teach.
    4. Choose service projects that match your family's interests. Wondering what your family can do together? Start by talking about everyones likes and interests. For example, maybe your family loves animals. Find a way to serve at a local animal shelter or stable. Maybe your family loves the outdoors. Look for opportunities to serve in local parks. Does your family love sports? Talk to your local Parks and Recreation Department and help with local little league events. There is something for everyone. Take your passions and turn them into service opportunities.
    5. Use service to start a new family tradition. Maybe you serve with the same organization at Christmas, or you always rake the neighbors leaves in the Fall. Either way, make it a traditions, make it special, and your family will look forward to it every year.
    6. Encourage your kids to bring their friends on your family's community service projects. Often kids, especially teenagers, don't want to leave their friends for the day, to serve with their families. First, remember, that when teenagers are asked in private if they want more or less time with their families, they say they want more. So they want to be with us. That said, instead of keeping their social life separate from your family service life, encourage your kids to bring their friends along. It will be helpful for their family too.
    7. Perform acts of service your family will enjoy. Start by asking the following questions to help figure out the opportunities best for you and your family.
      • Would you like to work with people or would you rather work with just your family?
      • Are you better behind the scenes or do you prefer to take a more visible role?
      • How much time is your family able to commit to serve?
      • How much responsibility is your family ready to take on?
      • What skills can your family bring to a volunteer job?
      • What causes are important to you?

Additional Tips for Performing Community Service as a Family

If you are looking for ways your family can spend quality time together and develop stronger relationships, add community service to your family's schedule and watch how it not only helps improves the lives of the people you serve, but how it helps improve your family's bonds as well. For more tips on performing community service as a family, check out the following posts:

What is your family's favorite way to serve in your community?

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