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10 Spring Wardrobe Items You Need

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No better time to prepare your closet for spring as it looks like the sun is about to come out of hiding and stay for a bit.  After a long and grueling winter bundling up in endless layers that did little to make me feel pretty and stylish, shopping for spring items comforted me even though those items remained untouched in my closet.  As a stylist, I always tell my clients to buy only what they like instead of following the trends verbatim.  Take a deep inventory of your closet and combine your spring shopping with items already in your wardrobe.  Here are the top ten items you need to have to get a spring in your step!

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10 Spring Wardrobe Items You Need

  1. Put art inspired printed tops with bold colors at the top of your list! Mix it with another print or keep it sleek and simple with denim.
  2. Shorter women can rejoice because ankle cropped jeans are the skinny this season. With a hem length between 27”-28”, these look great with a pair of flats or sneakers that are all the rage right now.
  3. Pair your ankle cropped jeans with pointy toe flats like the cutout d’orsay flats or ones with bold prints and other fun accents.
  4. The Long Short is a hot new length that can easily go from work to play.  Roomy and comfortable, just add a pair of heels to elongate legs and keep tops on the shorter side or tucked in.
  5. Don’t get scared about this one…crop tops.  They are totally wearable if you layer them over a collar shirt or pair with a high waisted skirt.
  6. White!!! Create a monochromatic outfit with all white details like a white long tunic shirtdress with white accessories.
  7. Printed or black loose elastic waist pants is another comfy option that works great for the workplace or on weekends with the kids.
  8. The Split skirt with just the right sliver of skin showing is smart and sexy for spring.
  9. The last pair of shoes you’ll need and also love to wear are sporty and super comfortable! Modeled after the organic Birkenstock, these wearable shoes are made in metallic colors and breathable fabrics to make walking around a breeze.
  10. And this list wouldn’t be complete without a cool layering piece such as a lightweight moto jacket or cardigan.

Tell me one Spring Trend you are dying to try on right now?

Image credit can be found here: crop shirt, long shorts, Birkenstock, and cardigan.

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Ronit Abraham is a mom to one and another one due any day as well as the creator of RonitStylist, a personal styling service that builds and styles wardrobes for moms, men and anyone who wants to find their personal style and learn how to dress for their individual body type.  Through her styling process, her clients end up feeling more empowered and confident in taking on new challenges in their lives.  Find her at RonitStylist.com and follow her blog for all the important fashion tips and tricks you need.


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  1. Miriam says:

    Can’t wait to wear white on white, my favorite color.
    Love this article


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