Fall Sensory Activities


Sensory exploration is so important for preschool-age children. It helps children to better understand how their bodies work while discovering the world around them. While we are all familiar with the five basic sensory systems, we actually have seven sensory systems:

  • olfactory (smell)
  • visual (sight)
  • auditory (hearing)
  • gustatory (taste)
  • tactile

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Back To School Fashions for You and Your Littles

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Moms can get in on the back to school shopping fun too, right? Today I am talking about what items I think you need to sneak into the cart for you!  Don't worry I do it all the time:) Not to mention that back to school is a great time…

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Easy Baby Headband Tutorial


Are you like me, always admiring the gorgeous headbands and hair bows on Etsy and in stores for babies? They're always so pretty, but sometimes I just can't stomach the price tag and shipping associated with them. But fear not, friends, you'd be surprised how EASY it is to create…

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Summer Meal Planning Made Easy

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“Putting together a weekly meal plan is one of the best habits to develop when you transition to a homemade lifestyle. Having a meal plan in place makes life less stressful and it makes mealtime healthier. Meal planning will help you to save money and time, too.” -Conquering Your

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Add Good Fats Into Your Diet and Get a Chance to Win $100 from Avocados From Mexico


Avocados From Mexico are #SuperGood because they are not only good for guacamole and toast – they’re always good, no matter the meal. They provide nearly 20 vitamins and minerals, Avocados From Mexico are the perfect super food to go along with your favorite meals. It’s easy to add good

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5 Inspiring Ideas from German Urban Gardens

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Since I'm the gardening contributor here on MomItForward, it probably comes as no surprise that I look for garden inspiration everywhere I go. This summer, I was lucky enough to travel to Germany for 10 days and you can bet that I was very interested in German agriculture and came…

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