Privacy Policy

Mom It Forward respects your privacy, and recognizes your concern for the way your personal information is handled and shared.  We want to ensure that you are aware of our practices and know how to contact us if you have a concern.  Please review our privacy policy below and note that we may occasionally update it to reflect new technologies or company procedures.  You should therefore review this policy regularly.

What Information Do We Collect?

Mom It Forward may collect certain personal Information as you view this website.

If you participate in a giveaway, we collect your name and an email, Twitter account name, or similar method of contacting you.  We may also collect your mailing address, or telephone number.  If you post a comment within the website, we collect your name and email address.  You may be invited to participate in online surveys provided by either Mom It Forward or a Mom It Forward sponsor.  These surveys are optional and may collect your name, email address, personal preferences or habits, or other information.  Although Mom It Forward works with sponsors (please see the Sponsorship Disclosure page), Mom It Forward does not directly sell products or services and does not collect any financial or payment information.

Mom It Forward may collect technical information to improve its website operation.   This may include your internet protocol address or information about the browser that you are using.  We may also use technical tools to facilitate statistical analysis of how our website is used.  By itself, this technical information does not identify you individually.

We may use cookies to help you move more efficiently through our website. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when you visit our site.  It does not identify you personally, but only tracks the settings, preferences, pages, or features associated with a particular website.  When you return to our site, the cookie lets your browser notify our site in order to customize your visit.

Because the Mom It Forward website is directed to mothers, we do not expect anyone under age 18 to use this website.

How Do We Use Your Information?

We may use information that we collect about you to verify your identity when accessing Mom It Forward, such as when you wish to post a comment to a blog posting.  We may also use your information to inform you about online or live events.  You always have the option of asking us not to contact you about such events or to remove your personal information from our database.

If you provide your information as part of a Giveaway sponsored by Mom It Forward, we may use your personal data to inform you about online or live events, products, services, activities, and other subjects that we believe would be of interest; if you provide your information as part of a Giveaway provided through a Sponsor (a third party commercial or non-profit entity), we may provide your personal information to that third party to allow them to contact you with information that they believe would be of interest to you.  Your information would only be provided to a third party through a contract that limited the purposes for which the third party could use your information and that restricted the third party’s ability to further share your personal data.  Beyond the terms of such contracts, the privacy policies of these third parties will govern the use of your personal information after a transfer to that third party.

If you participate in a survey on the Mom It Forward site, your personal information may be shared in the same manner as for a Giveaway, as noted above.

Except as noted above, we do not sell or rent your personal information to any third party.

If your personal information has changed, or if you want to correct or remove information that we maintain about you, please contact us at the address shown on the Mom It Forward website.

We rely on standard industry practices to protect the security and confidentiality of your personal information.  We do not guarantee that your information will not be lost or misused, but we make a sincere effort to ensure that it remains secure and confidential.


We welcome your feedback concerning this Privacy Policy.  Please contact us at [email protected].

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