Family Fun: 7 Spring Break Activities for Kids

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Family Fun: 7 Spring Break Activities for Kids

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Let’s face it, pre-planned activities for kids can have a big bearing on the success or failure of Spring Break. It can either be a welcome vacation from the typical hustle and bustle, or can be a week-long nightmare due to lack of preparation for keeping little minds and hands busy.

Instead of fantasizing about big vacations that may not be financially possible, try these 7 days of fun focused on creating family memories and traditions to last a lifetime.

Day 1: Travel With Your Mind

Spring Break Traditions with grandma and books

Pick a geographic location (e.g. Italy) and visit your local library and check out books, CDs, and DVDs pertaining to the area. For a dinner or snack, try making a food item that is native to the area.

Day 2: Plan a Picnic

Visit a beautiful state park or local attraction and pack a yummy lunch. If the weather is uncooperative where you live, simply spread a blanket out on the floor and enjoy a meal together as a family.

Day 3: Schedule a Tour

Many cities—large and small—offer tours with a twist. If you can’t find a formal tour outing, just try to be a tourist in your hometown and visit a place your family has never been.

Day 4: Try New Foods

Pick a restaurant you’ve never visited, and try something new. It could be as simple as the local Chinese joint, or even finding a place that serves Ethiopian cuisine. For added fun, eat the food as the culture dictates—whether it’s with chopsticks or your hands. 

Day 5:  Give Back

family marshmallow roastingServe meals at a local soup kitchen or help sort canned goods for a food bank. An alternate idea is to do random acts of kindness for strangers each day during spring break.

Day 6: Movie Day

On a slow or dreary day, rent movies from the library and spend a day watching them, making homemade popcorn, and stopping for discussions (and maybe a mini dance party) in between.

Day 7: Go Camping in the Backyard

When you’re a kid, nothing is more fun than sleeping in the great outdoors for the night. Pitch a tent right in your own yard (or your living room). You can even roast marshmallows!

What’s on the docket for your spring break? How do you plan to create a fun new tradition with your family?

Lauren's Head Shot 125x125 Lauren Weber is WAHM social media manager at Hay There Social Media who also blogs at Mrs. Weber’s Neighborhood, where she shares about her life with two little gals, as well as tips, tricks, and fun happening around her neighborhood in Michigan. She lives and breathes the mantra that it’s always a beautiful day in the neighborhood.


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  2. Alysia says:

    Great ideas! This year we are driving down to Florida to visit family for Spring Break! I can’t wait to be in the warmth & sunshine for a week!

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