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Ok, Girls! Saddle up, because this Spring is going to be different. I'm sure you've all been noticing all the wonderful colors in the shops and mini styles, as in tiny styles.  Tiny shorts, tiny skirts, tiny sleeves. I know you're thinking, "The spring shorts come out before the summer sun, so I can't bare my legs" or "No color can make my arms look dainty."  These things are not going to be at the top of your list this Spring. As a Mom, this year you need to sit down with yourself and ask, "What do I love most about my body? What is the best part of 'ME'?"

Is it my ankles? My Collar bone? My Calves? My biceps? My cheeks (either end)? My hair? My feet? My wrists?

What part of me will make my fashion statement a street stopper?

As a Mom, its easy to get busy thinking about everyone else and neglecting parts of yourself. I'm not talking about these parts, I'm talking about the pieces of you that, no matter what—even after baring children—are spectacular! If you think about what you want every person in the world to see, then that's the part of you to showcase this year. Don't think about covering up all your wobbly bits when spring styles come out, but show the pieces off that make you feel like the amazing person you are.

How to Show Off in Spring Fashions

Collar Bones

If you like your collar bones, then confront your closet, find a deep V, put a little bronzer on them for definition and you've found your power.


If you love your legs, wear longer cardigans and shorter skirts.


If you love your arms, find some pants you are comfortable in and a hot colored top for 2012 and rock your biceps like everybody is looking.


If you have a tiny waist and aren't so sure about the rest, then grab the spring belt that will cinch you like you're in a corset from the 1800's.


If it's your beautiful feet (goodness knows we're not all blessed with those), then pack up your boots and hit the shops for a cute little open toe, so you can put your best foot forward.


If you love your hair, take an extra 10 minutes and find a new spring style and own it! If it's your hands, get tops with shorter sleeves and accessories to flatter your skin tones and shape of your wrist.

The thing is, there is one particular part of your body that is spectacular.  One piece of you where your confidence lies. If you start there, your confidence will grow and soon you'll be more comfortable in your body and your fashion.  That body part is your "A" game, girls, and when you think about Spring 2012, you can certainly bring it!

Hot colors to look for this spring according to Pantone Fashion:

What are your new favorite Spring fashions?

Photo purchased via Veer. Featured image courtesy of Flickr.
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