Healthy Eating: The Painless Way to Eat Healthy


We all want our families to eat healthy foods. However, the process of getting them on board with the idea can be tough. Here are a couple of easy ideas to painlessly "nudge" your family into some better eating habits. How to Eat Healthy the Painless Way


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Getting Kids To Do Chores

parentinghome management

Kids and chores can be a real source of stress in the home—I don't think there is anything else that families fight about more. "It's your turn," "No, its your turn," "I did it last time," "How come I have to do that?" "That isn't fair!"  Have you noticed that…

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Anti-Bullying Ideas to Make Our Schools Safe

giving backbettering communities

As the mother of a bullied child, bullying is something I take very seriously. I'm glad that bullying is getting a lot of attention in the news lately. Anti-bullying ideas are greatly needed. It affects a lot of kids, either as participants or observers, and I think a few

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