Book Review: On My Honor, a Girl Scout Treat

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When I was a young college student, I worked as a secretary at the Utah Girl Scout… Council. I hadn’t been a Girl Scout growing up, and wasn’t at all acquainted with the organization’s history or purpose. But working for them, of course, afforded me a great opportunity to

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Book Review: The Gamer Generation – The Benefits of Video Gaming

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I discovered I had a strong predilection to video games… not long after I married my husband 13 years ago. He thought he’d married an intelligent woman with a strong work ethic that bordered on workaholism. But both he and I were surprised to find how much I enjoyed chasing

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Book Review: “Dad Rules” for How to be a Better Parent


There is a bookDad Rules: A Simple Manual for a Complex Job—that consists of 81 rules that any father… worth his salt should know. They are rules like: “Cowboy up and help your wife with changing diapers” and “Take care of some of the night-time feedings.” While

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Book Review: When Touching Hurts by Caffee Wright


It is a sad and unfortunate truth that, among the difficult conversations we must have with our kids, one of them should be about ways to guard against sexually inappropriate behavior. Recently, my husband and I had this conversation with our 8-year-old son as part of his Cub Scout… training.

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Book Review: The Sacred Thread Explores Indian Surrogacy

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It’s difficult to really understand how much of a miracle every pregnancy and childbirth… is until you find yourself unable to experience either. The balance of hormones that has to take place at the right time and the teamwork of the ovaries, thyroid, fallopian tubes, etc. are truly amazing symphonies

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Book Review: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

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Book Review…—The grip of a story is a powerful thing, a compulsion that at once pleases and binds the reader as she meets the characters whose lives she must follow until their destinies are revealed and their problems resolved. The grip of a story skillfully told is another thing

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Book Review: What’s Eating Your Child?

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Childhood Disorders—Let’s say you had a child who was suffering from anxiety or frequent ear infections and you wanted to know if there was a link between his or her diet and those problems. Say you did a search on Amazon …for books on “children’s food allergies.” Your search

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Book Review: The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk

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There is a huge re-birth of “Word of Mouth” marketing. This re-birth has happened because of the internet and the evolution of social media…. Social media has really flattened the world and allowed people to connect at any moment. Through these connections relationship building happens. I have friends

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Children’s Book Review: How Do You Hug a Porcupine?


I really do believe that “reading is a key building block for learning and life.” That’s why I was so excited when I was introduced to the Cheerios® Spoonfuls of Stories® program…. It was created to help get books into kids hands’ and encourage parents and kids

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