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Making Sugar Cookies for Christmas

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A long-standing Christmas tradition in my family is to make sugar cookies for Santa. I remember learning how to roll out dough with my mom, cutting out the shapes, and decorating them. When I told my daughter that I used to do this with her Nonnie, she just laughed and said, “That’s weird!”

It’s really hard for me to give up control (especially in the kitchen), so baking with children is a good exercise for me. I just try …

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family activities 5 Fun Family Activities

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Creating memories together as a family is one of those things we do intentionally, and not so intentionally. What I mean is, we don’t always know what our children will carry with them into adulthood as treasured memories. I remember speaking to a mom who has an older daughter. When…

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Yearataglance5 Family Memories: How to Create a “Year At A Glance”

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As the end of the year quickly approaches, you might already be thinking about how you are going to recap 2012… and share it with your family. One family tradition we do every year in my family, is to create a “Year At A Glance” recap. Each one of my

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how to write a book Storytelling: How To Write a Book With Your Kids and Capture Family Memories

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Our family took in a homeless dog… and named him Batman. We acquired him from the street and although he’s grown up in our home for over a year now, he still acts homeless. He likes to jump on the counters, ravage for food, and create a disaster wherever he

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camera picture Preservation: Get Organized and Record Your Family’s Memories

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“Moms Make Memories”. Those were the three little words embroidered across a lovely pillow my husband gave me on my very first Mother’s Day. Our daughter was six months old at the time and I was giddy – yes, giddy – with the mothering possibilities that lay ahead. Our son

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