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As a parent, you’ve taught your kids how to ride a bike, to read, and how to make friends. There are countless lessons that parents teach to their kids, and each one of them carries importance. However, there is a particular lesson that affects every aspect of their future lives – financial responsibility.

Teaching financial responsibility to your kids will empower them to make better life choices. Teaching responsibility doesn’t need to wait until they are teens, in fact the …

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pattees Home Management: 5 Ways to Create Family Traditions on a Budget

parentinghome management

Who associates family traditions with frugal living? Not I… at least not before reading Amy Allen Clark’s book, “The Good Life for Less: Giving Your Family Good Meals, Great Times, and a Happy Home on a Budget.”
I won’t lie. Before reading it, frugal living… sounded time consuming and

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toyotacamry Shopping Tips: How To Buy a Car for a Teenager

momparentingparentingages and stages

Picking the right car for your teenage son or daughter can be a daunting task. There are many different points to consider, and your teenager may or may not agree with the decisions that you make. However, as the person with more experience with cars…, not to mention experience

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BXP139691 Kids and Allowances: How to Raise Financially Responsible and Giving Children

my worldraising giving children

I decided it was time to begin giving my daughter an allowance, when her requests for trinkets at the Dollar Store turned a thrifty excursion for paper plates into a pricey shopping binge.  Since I had arrived at the decision that she was old enough to learn about the value

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