Fall Sensory Activities


Sensory exploration is so important for preschool-age children. It helps children to better understand how their bodies work while discovering the world around them. While we are all familiar with the five basic sensory systems, we actually have seven sensory systems:

  • olfactory (smell)
  • visual (sight)
  • auditory (hearing)
  • gustatory (taste)
  • tactile

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Science Experiment for Kids: Paper Airplanes


Flight. In theory it makes sense, but to see it in action makes it seem like magic to me. I think that is why paper airplanes are so much fun. The fact that you can turn an ordinary piece of paper into a flying machine in theory makes sense, but…

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2010 Women and Mom Blogger Conferences to Attend

#gno information!biz, tech, & social media

Looking to take your blog or social media practices up a notch in 2010 and have a little fun while doing it (check out our smiles from BlogHer 2009)? Here's some awesome opportunities for girls' weekends out, errrr, I mean amazing blogging and social media conferences ;), that are perfect…

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