self esteem project Self-Esteem: Increasing Confidence in Tweens and Teens

parentingages and stages

Do you remember a point in your life when you were full of confidence? You were invincible, or so it seemed. And the world was full of endless opportunities for you to simply reach out and grab. Opportunities that would all result in fabulous results. Your self-esteem… was higher than

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duct tape kids craft Duct Tape Kids Crafts: Colorful Box Masks

craftskids crafts

Growing up, we never would have thought of duct tape kids crafts. Duct tape was something my dad used for taping pipes, fixing holes in tents, keeping the TV antenna in place, or repairing auto parts. Fast forward a few years and now you’ve got duct tape in a variety…

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Reducing Indoor Allergens-Allergies-Asthma-Pollen-Dust Reducing Indoor Allergens and Pollen

parentinghome management

May is Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month. Raise your hand if you suffer from the effects of pollen?
If you are like our family, you are always looking for tips on reducing indoor allergens, pollen, and dust. So, I was happy when Sharp PCI provided me with an Air …

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Paris-France-Evening-Eiffel Tower Travel to Paris: Must-See Sites

travelinternational travel

If you’re like most people, travel to Paris is on your bucket list. Whether you travel to Paris alone, with a significant other, or in a group, no visit is complete without stopping at a few must-see sites to take in the romance, the food, the fashion, and the art.…

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Tulit Festival Spring Flowers: Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

family funactivities

What is your favorite way to celebrate Earth Month? I can’t think of a better activity than seeing spring flowers bloom. So, my family was thrilled when Thanksgiving Point offered us tickets to this year’s Tulip Festival.

Seeing Spring Flowers: The Perfect Family Outdoors Activity
If you live in

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slow cooker recipe Slow Cookers: Gourmet Meal Ideas With Less Mess


If you’re anything like me, you love weekly menu plans made up of fast and easy dinner recipes that please the whole family. But, every once in a while, you also like to take things up a notch and go a little gourmet…. The challenge is how to get

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Dole fruit parfaits Vitamin C Rich Foods: Dole Fruit Parfaits


Whether our family is eating at home or on the go, I’m always looking for healthy snacks and vitamin C rich foods for my family. So, I was glad when Dole sent me three varieties of their latest snacks, their Fruit Parfaits, to try out with my family.

Not only

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Mont St. Michel Normandy, France Mont St. Michel: Must-See Site in Normandy, France

travelinternational travel

You know those places you see in pictures, in movies, or hear about from other travelers? Those places you immediately know you must visit?
For me, those places have included India, Kenya, and perhaps odd to some, South Dakota…. Travelers, and their tales of many cities can

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Clean family entertainment Good Clean Family Entertainment: Comedy on BYUtv’s Studio C


How many of you have resorted to watching shows like Cupcake Wars or Biggest Loser with your family for lack of good clean family entertainment…?
Not that there is anything wrong with shows about food or losing weight, unless you happen to be watching the Biggest Loser while eating

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American cemetery at Normandy beach Normandy Travel: American Cemetery and D-Day Beaches

travelinternational travel

Is a trip to France on your bucket list? Or, do you have plans to visit anytime soon? If so, I highly recommend adding Normandy travel to your agenda.

This past January, I went to Ireland… and booked an extra week at the end of my stay. My original

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