Music Education: 5 Tips for Growing Your Children’s Musical Talent


Music Education—The benefits of learning to play a musical instrument or sing have been researched and discussed for years. Beyond gaining a skill that can entertain and add auditory beauty to the world, we also gain better neural “adaptability” …which enables easier acquisition of other skills. Parents would say

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Artistry: Ways to Nurture the Creative Side of Your Life

my worldLeaving a Legacy

I’m in the entertainment industry so writing comes naturally to me, whereas if you asked me to stay focused on a science experiment…. Well, my eyes would glaze over.
My neighbor, a homeschooling mom (and former first grade teacher) is always doing some fancy science experiment complete with volcanoes and…

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Creating the Family Band: Easy Craft Ideas for Constructing Instruments


Save those empty toilet paper rolls!  Hold on to your used up, cardboard paper towel tubes!  And make time on your calendar to host a concert; you could be just hours away from the first jam session of the Family Band.

I took a four-day business trip over the weekend

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