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eBook: 13 Gratitude Activities For Kids

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I love the season between Halloween and Christmas. It always seems a little rushed as we prepare for the month of December, but I make it a point to slow down every year in November and focus on the things that I am grateful for. It not only makes me…

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Bettering Communities: Ronald McDonald House Charities

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I had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite charities, the Ronald McDonald House,… in Loma Linda California this last weekend. We spoke with Karen who is the Director of Operations and took a tour of their facility. I learned what they are doing to provide stability and

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Aquarium Adopt-an-Animal Programs: How Field Trips Help Raise Giving Children

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Raising Giving Children—Last week, my 10-year-old son’s Scout group asked me if I would accompany them to our local Living Planet Aquarium… where they were taking a field trip. A field trip is the same as a playdate to me, but better, because I didn’t have to plan it,

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Homelessness and World Hunger: How You Can Make a Difference

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Recently, we brought another mother’s child with us on an adventure to see the Blue Angels at the annual Air Show in Fort Worth.
Taking along one that’s not your own can be challenging, especially if they don’t fit into your family dynamic. And we knew it would be that…

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Teaching Your Kids to Save, Spend, and Share


By Eulalie Scandiuzzi
Imagine how different the economy would be today if every child knew the basic pillars of financial money management, saving, spending and sharing, as commonly as “stop, look and listen.”

Starting a conversation about money with kids can be tricky. But, here are six tips for parents

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Teaching Children to Give—Involving Them in Charitable Programs

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The single most impactful thing you can do to teach your children to fall in love with giving is to involve them in giving activities, discussing throughout them why you are giving (what the cause is for) and how it makes you and the recipients feel.
Sometimes, identifying volunteer programs

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