Unstructured Play: Encouraging Your Kid’s Imagination

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Unstructured play is vital to children’s growth and learning. By simply releasing your kids to play on their own, you are not only able to get the cleaning… done but it sparks mind reeling inventions in your child’s mind that gets them thinking.
Letting them use their imagination with

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Communication: Social Media Updates with Visual Impact

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Share more, say less! This is the general rule that we abide by when sending our text messages or posting our Twitter… updates to the world. Even Facebook has a character limit that they just changed to 63,206 characters. While it’s reasonable to say that the average person won’t max

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Introducing This Week’s Guest Tweets!

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We have two Guest Tweets for our GNO Election Topic this Tuesday, November 4. Each woman is funny. Each woman is genuine. Each woman is NICE…. One is liberal. One is conservative. And Tuesday night, each will be chatting up the elections GNO style. RSVP using Mr. Linky on

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