12 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Teens

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So, your teenager has a boyfriend/girlfriend. Valentine’s Day can sometimes add pressure to a teen relationship. Teen dating shouldn’t be demanding, though. Instead, it should be a fun time when they can get to know many different people. Suggest a group or double date to have fun with more friends.…

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Heart Shaped Crochet Potholder


Crocheting and knitting all the rage. Just in time for Valentine's Day, here is a cute heart shaped crochet potholder that will be sure to bring a little love to your kitchen.
1.Slip knot.
2. Seven chain (ch) stitches.
3. Slip stitch to the first chain.
4. Three

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Love Coupon Book Printable

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If you are looking for a simple useful gift this Valentine's Day, the Love Coupon Book would be a perfect option. It is filled with fun ways that you and your family can show love to each other. There are coupons for giving a massage, a hug, a…

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