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Topic Talk 3.1—Obama Boys & Presidential Boyfriends!

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What a wide array of election-related posts we received for Topic Talk this week. From yesterday's Presidential Cabbage Patch Dolls to today's Presidential Boyfriends, you are in for a real treat!

Let's hear it for today's featured five!

The Daily Blonde provides a heartfelt post on what this election and its outcome means to her. Here's one small excerpt....

My son who is 10 years old and extremely in tune with life, asked me before bed, "Mom, will this mean that more people can become big things no matter how they look or what color they are?" How awesome that I can wake him up in the morning and say, "Yes, we've made history while you were sleeping.

Happily Ever After Land writes a snarky pre-election post, commenting on the power the media played in this election and people's superficial reasons for choosing candidates. She puts three disclaimers at the bottom of this baby. Anyone not interested in reading it now? LOL

The Mother of All Trips writes her post the day before election day, talking about her dreams of a better world and how this election will impact her children.

The Mother of All Trip's kids, sporting Obama stickers the day before the election.

Kids Off the Couch writes not one, but two amazing posts for ways to engage your kids in the election process. Even though the main event is over, these are great interactive learning tools to use with your kids. And, while on this blog, we highly recommend signing up for the Kids Off the Couch weekly e-newsletter.

Bloggedy Blog Blog gives us an international perspective on the election when she writes about... well, um, let me put it her words:

For Canada, watching your American elections is like watching a big sister pick a new boyfriend. A more popular, slimmer, blonder version of yourself... out playing the field and flirting and making a choice of dance partner for the next four years.

We stand by idly as you bat your eyelashes, cast possible suitors aside between conventions and debates and eventually you set your sights on the two most viable contestants for the position of... boyfriend. Oh, and you talk about it day and night, like we have nothing going on in our lives that you care about, but that's a story for another day.

She then goes on to describe a variety of presidential "boyfriends" from Kennedy to Reagan to our president-elect Obama, providing pics of each one (we even borrowed the George Washington you see up top from her). All I can say is that if you are in the mood to laugh, click on over to Saucy's site!

Thanks to our featured GNO Gals for submitting their Election-related posts.

Wanna be featured? Please comment here or e-mail us at mommygossipgno AT gmail DOT com and provide your BLOG URL, linking to the post you'd like featured.

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