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Topic Talk 3.2—Fab Five to Freaky Candidate

#gno information!

I don't know about you, but I can hardly hear myself think with all this chanting. (Insert wild crowd screaming "Fab Five, Fab Five, Fab Five" loudly in unison here) I decided it'd be best to fore go any other introductory remarks and get right to our fabulous five featured GNO Gals for today! (Insert suspense building music.)

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And the winners are (tiaras please):

The Real Working Women urges people to vote, providing historical voter-turn-out statistics and comparing how we rank with foreign countries. She says ..

In his article entitled “Why Vote?” Peter Singer, professor of bioethics at Princeton University, wrote, “When voting is voluntary, and the chance that the result will be determined by any single person’s vote is extremely low, even the smallest cost—for example, the time it takes to stroll down to the polling place, wait in line, and cast a ballot—is sufficient to make voting seem irrational. Yet, if many people follow this line of reasoning, and do not vote, a minority of the population can determine a country’s future, leaving a discontented majority.

A Cup of Tea offers her Christian perspective, including such heartfelt sentiments as this:

Friends, families, colleagues, and fellow Christians were divided over this election. Once a person is fully convinced in his or her own mind, there is no reason for debating issues. All debating does is cause division and strife; hence, is it really worth it? Absolutely not!

Connect With Your Teens encourages parents to discuss the election with their teens by providing 10 pop culture-related conversation starters. If you don't have teens? These funny election facts are perfect for kids from 13 to 93. Her post comes complete with links to sites, providing complete information each topic.

The Neurotic Mom describes her voting experience, which catered to both young and old. This picture shows a table where kids could vote. What an awesome idea for a way to engage kids in the voting process!

Pulsipher Predilections shares a very unique and weird election post. I relate with this, because she lives in my state. The man you see here was one of the candidates for Utah State Governor. No lie! And, this former computer-store owner, got not one but 22,000 votes. Read her witty post to learn more about Superdell (Yep! That's what he goes by.)

And, I couldn't resist. Had to add this video to the mix too. Get a load of this guy!

Thanks to our featured GNO Gals for submitting their Election-related posts.

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