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10 Things Your Family Photographer Wishes You Knew

family fun

There is something so special about family pictures. When you see all of those faces looking back at you, you can't help but feel a rush of happiness and love. Sometimes getting to that picture can be one of the more - well, challenging moments. I've been a family photographer for six years now, so I'm here to share a few secrets with you and tell you the 10 Things Your Family Photographer Wishes You Knew!

10 Secrets Your Family Photographer Wished You Knew - Preview their work ahead of time!

10. When you are booking a photographer, look at their work! Take a minute and browse their portfolio and find out if you like what you see.

9. Be sure to tell your photographer anything she needs to know that might affect the shoot - including anxieties, family dynamics, and physical limitations.

I had a bride that had a condition where she could not be in the sun for very long. If she was, her eyes would start watering and it was very painful for her. If I hadn't known that, her wedding day could have been a terrible experience for both of us. She was a little shy about it, but we even worked in a cute sunglasses shoot with her and the bridesmaids that had everyone laughing and having a great time!

8. Be on time. I know - it can be so hard with kids and makeup and snacks and locations... but really, please be on time. It's difficult to get the shots that everyone is hoping for, when everyone is rushed.

10 Things Your Family Photographer Wishes You Knew - Timeliness is next to awesomeness.

7. Speaking of snacks - yes! Make sure no one is hungry. Or as my husband likes to call it - "hangry".

6. Be comfortable! If those shoes give you blisters after wearing them for 4.3 seconds, then don't wear them!

Ten Things Your Family Photographer Wishes You Knew - Help her prepare ahead of time by telling her all the information she needs!

5. Talk to your photographer about what to expect. This way you can walk through what to expect with your family. I tell my families that I will take a few test shots while we chit chat and get to know each other, that way I can see how you are together as a family and what the light is doing that day.

4. Tell me what you are sensitive about! Are you self conscious about your arms? your tummy? your height? I'll be the first to tell you that I truly believe that every single person on this earth is stunning. I love eyes and smiles and lines and wispy hairs. But, I'll also be the first to tell you that when I'm getting my picture taken, I'm very self conscious. I guarantee you, I have something in my bag of tricks to work with those sensitivities.

3. Plan something fun after the shoot! Remember - mama always said, "you get more flies with honey". If your kids love a sonic slushee run, let them know that as soon as I say, "done", you are on your way!

10 Things Your Family Photographer Wishes You Knew - Let your kids have fun and keep it upbeat.

2. If you like their work, recommend your photographer! There is no greater compliment than receiving a referral.

1. And this is the biggest, most important thing I can possibly share with you - Attitude is everything! Seriously. If you show up grumpy, it doesn't matter how amazing the light it - it is still bouncing off of a grumpy person.

I hope your family sessions go great this year! Do you have questions for your family photographer?

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